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Power JELQ (canning tong) techniques

Power JELQ (canning tong) techniques

Okay, I’m just doing it. Here’s a thread on ways guys use the Power Jelq.

Anyone viewing this thread should know: you don’t have to spend big bucks buying a “Power Jelq.” You can easily make your own for much less money. Go see this thread: Homemade Power Jelq

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

As for techniques, we might as well benefit from the folks who were clever enough to put foam on canning tongs and sell it for $60, so go see the “Using the Jelq” link here and try the basic and advanced exercises.

Now, two they don’t have. Post some more if ya got ‘em.

PJ Uli
With a half to fully erect penis, put your dick in between the rollers and push the device as deeply into your abdomen as you can, so that as much of your shaft as possible is exposed. Now just squeeze the handles down hard and pull the power jelq slightly away from your body, so your cock gets real chubby. Hold that for 30 seconds to 60 seconds. Variation: Twist the PJ a half turn to the right or left and hold it — makes you cock even chubbier.

PJ Twist (or Bundle)
Use the PJ to tightly grab a flaccid penis, ideally your own, just below the glans. Pull out firmly, so the penis is well stretched, and then turn the PJ to the right or left as many times as you can (I think I can only do 3/4s to a full turn.) Keep holding the stretch and twist for 30 seconds or so. Then release and do it the other way.

That’s all for now. Maybe more later.

My man.

Ike: I see you beat me to this. I’m having some very good results with this. When you guys cut the pipe insulation, cut the tubes an inch longer than the rollers, so that it is about 1/2” longer on both sides of the roller. This makes the device work MUCH better. The extra long tubes bind or lock up against the bars and keep the roller from spinning. The slight bow this gives the rollers keep your dick from sliding the the edge like has always been a problem in the past. Also the thicker bulk of the device when put together like this gives a better bite giving you a deeper jelq especially using it dry. I always use it dry, it is very comfortable and for me gives a deeper jelq than with lube. Also, because without the mess it is more convenient so you are more likely to do it more often. I Combine this routine with clamping and get a very good girth workout. Power Jelq for ten minutes and clamp for ten. Do it in front of porn. You want a semi erection for the PJ, but once you become too erect that the deep jelq becomes ineffective, clamp it off for ten. This is an amazing girth workout, I can do it for hours before I get too sore. I do not recommend this intense of a routine for newbies, but it is easy to tell when you’ve had enough. When you start to feel discomfort, STOP and put on your ADS.

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No Nukes

Also, you guys need to shave or trim really close to get a good workout with this thing. To be really effective you have to push it deep into the fat pad, clamp down and start you stroke there. This pulls pubes like crazy.

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Big Girtha,

Thank you for your additional comments on changing Ike’s home made PJ device. I built one myself and tried it out only to be frustrated with the performance. My unit kept sliding off the rollers to each side and made it very difficult to PJ. I will try your idea and see how it goes.


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Guys this is a great thread.I’m currently focusing on length,but I’m gonna make one of these this weekend and play around with it,as I always jelq between hanging and pumping sets anyway.

Behind the Balls while clamped PJ:

First of all, I do this using a PJ I made using foam underwrap tape instead of pipe insulation:…-underwrap.html It makes the rollers much narrower and easier to get into tight places. But, it’s possible to do with the bigger rollers.

1. Clamp your cock, in the way described by Big Girtha, Aristocane, or whomever else. I’m using a turnkey hose clamp these days instead of a cable clamp. It’s potentially much more extreme, so use with caution.

2. With the Power Jelq spread wide, place the lower roller underneath your ball sack and gently poke your sack in between the two sides, so it’s sort of like this photorealistic artist’s depiction: |OO|. Now put the upper roller in the space between the clamp and your abdomen.

3. Squeeze the PJ handles together. Adjust your nuts so they don’t get pinched. Hold that squeezed position and feel the clamping get much more intense. I do it as I’m sitting, and pull the handles of the PJ towards me so my whole package is getting yanked. Try it. It rocks.

Obviously, this is a technique that should only be done by very sober advanced PEers.

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Yes Very Nice

Yes. Very sober, advanced PEers only :gulp:

Thanks, Ike. Great idea, I’m doing it now typing this with my nose.

Actually it is good without the clamp, also, just a good BTBs jelg. I’m thinking of trying this after the hot tub and or a serious ball pumping in my 4” penis & scrotum cylinder, you know whilst ones ball sack is hanging down to ones knees. You can also do some good twists and turns while you have a good bite on the whole package.

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I see that the posts on this stop in 05, has anyone use these exercisers and got good results?

I am away from home for a few months so I decided to make another PJ as I lost my last one. I have been doing clamped PJ for about two weeks now, this week I will be 5 on 2 off. I had been doing 2 on 1 off but decided to work harder.

I have notice a better flaccid hang and a thicker base so far. I don’t clamp BTB but I get a great pump with this method. I do 15 min. PJ SET without the clamp first, then 3x15 clamped sets followed by P.E. weights for about two hours or so.

I left my pump behind so I hope I can gain some good length and girth with this routine. I try to use my extender for about two to three hours a day also. I’m shooting for another inch in length and about the same in mid shaft erect girth.

Are there any other ways to use the PJ other than just standard jelq strokes? Occasionally I do PJ ulis while clamped but those can be pretty intense and I have to watch the force I use.

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