Power Jelq Device...PE vets with lots of knowledge please!!!

Hi guys,

I’ve been using the Power Jelq device for some time, I think this product works great, but since I’ve used it I’ve alway became curious about something. Would the size of the rollers have any affect on how much or how quickly you can gain? Basically what I’m saying is if anyone out there knows lots about physics, biology or scientific stuff maybe they can explain this answer for me. What I’m wondering is if say your rollers were say 1/2” in diameter compared to rollers that were 1” in diameter, the way I look at it is that the larger rollers are covering more surface area and would probably be applying more force on the penis also, and because of the larger surface area would help force more blood but at the same time maybe helping to achieve better results rather it being girth or something like that? I know this kind of sounds stupid but I thought I’d get some opinions on this, thanks.