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power jelq device


power jelq device

Well as usual im gettin no feedback from the power jelq forum. It might as well not even be there. i was wondering if any oy you guys might know where i can buy the foam that covers the rollers. Thanks in advance

slim pee p

Well stay here, your certainly welcome!

Can’t help on the foam, but someone here who owns a PJ might be able to describe the foam for you (if you are making your own) or you could describe it here and we can take a shot at it. Might be plenty of equal or better substitutes for the roller part. If it’s a closed-cell variety, you actually have some options on types and purchases. Usually sold in block which are easy to core out to diameters by simply filling an edge on a pipe (brass or aluminum) and “screwing” it in to the block…than just pop out the core and impale it on a roller rod. I’m guessing that’s how he did it. Can’t say for certain on the “special foam” or the R&D secrets of the PJ crew, but most closed-cell I have worked with and around is actually durable with respect to common substances such as CA glue, epoxy, soap, oil, H2O, ect. groa


Hey Slim,
I don’t know what the deal is with Rob and his forum. I didn’t see your post there asking about where to get foam for the rollers. He was on this forum this morning and I’m sure he would have looked at this thread refering to the PJ. He should be able to set you up with some replacement foam if you have a PJ device. If you are making your own, then I don’t know if he will help or not.

If he doesn’t help you out with the foam, try this place, they may have it in the dimensions you are looking for.

If the foam is for a PJ device, may I ask what you did to the original foam?

EDIT: I found your post on the PJ Forum, seems like he would have answered it.

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I have sent you a new set of foam for the rollers. I can’t do this for everyone, but I don’t mind the occaisional request. I wanted to wait until I had sent it out to respond to your inquiry. Sorry for taking so long. Don’t worry about payment, it’s on me.

I was also wondering how you tore it?

>To Thunder

I like your forum a lot. PHP is so much faster than CGI! I will check back every now and then to answer questions pertaining to the Power-Jelq device and anything else that I can help with.

>To everyone

I highly recommend that you experiment jelqing with sticks (see Hubbard’s drumsticks posts) to see if you like it. My original idea (almost two years ago, now) was to use two foam covered rods, to which I later added side handles (like big tongs) and then eventually came up with the current PJ device. I know there are concerns that it flattens the penis, but I think what people are missing is that the part that is getting exercised is ahead of the part that is being flattened (if that makes any sense).

You can surely make your own jelqing contraption and see what I mean, or if you want, buy the Power-Jelq. I have priced it low enough that its cheaper for most people to just buy a pre-made device rather than make their own, when you consider the cost of your time and effort. It really just depends on the value of your free time, some people certainly have more of it than others.

I have really tried to simply present the device as one option out of many. Its not the only way to go, but its a way that works and may save you some time and energy. Anyway, thats my bit, if you have questions I’ll be more than happy to answer them.

Take care,


power jelq device

Thanks for welcoming me groa glad to be a member of your forum Thunder. I m not sure how the foam tore i pulling towards the glans and it started tearing. I wasnt pulling to hard and was using baby oil for lube. Well im happy that he is sending me some new covers, cant wait to get back at it . Thanks for sending me new ones rob. Take it easy fellas

slim pee p

Just reviving this thread in stead of making a new one

I am thinking of investing in a jelq device from jelq and wanted to ask the forum members if they have had any negative experiences and what are the benefits of using one. I think the price is a tad high and was wondering if anyone knows where I can buy the same product for a cheaper price.

Thank you

I think most guys will suggest you make them. I bought mine b4 I found this forum. I really happy with them despite the high cost.



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I have bought the jelq device a year ago and I havent done hand jelqs ever since, this device is really awesome. You get a great pump, the price is like a hundred bucks, it’s well worth the investment. You can jelq for hours without even getting your hands sore, the pressure you get out of it is really awesome! So much even with a weak erection you can tell if you use it one handed you can feel how hard the chambers are on the front side of it while the chambers behind the rollers are super soft, it does hit your bottom chamber great and when you hit the bottom chamber hard I notice that the dick hole and the head after every jelq session is slightly puffy and fat looking. After every 30 minute session I notice that the upper part of my shaft is as thick as my base, and feels so much more fuller. This device truly revolutionizes the jelq. It’s great for clamping too, with a 90% erection you can squeeze the rollers together and just hold it there and kinda jack it up and down to push more blood in there and all 3 chambers are thick and hard and I notice while you do the pumping motion while you jack it, it makes it so much thicker then when your erection subsides you can continue to jelq. And repeat. This thing has totally turned me off from ever using my hands again and I believe anyone who dosnt jelq with this device is totally missing out, there is a learning curve to use it and you will over time develop your own way to use it. The best part is laying down before bed using it, mainly for the clamping, just get a 90% erection then squeeze it and slowly pull it up with each rep taking like 2-3 mins, I’m talking major thickness developing here. Seriously don’t waste time building your own the hundred dollar investment is totally f’n worth it guys. From the side my penis is looking thicker, the bottom chamber when I get erections now is considerably harder and almost as hard as the two on top. More blood does flow into it and I get more spontaneous erections since I’ve used it. And I notice with my fleshlight for my ballooning sessions after I use this device it really makes it feel so much better, I dunno why, but when I don’t jelq for a few days and use my fleshlight it seems to not feel as good, big diffference after I jelq. Thing is after I jelq with it my penis dosnt get hard, it’s hard to even get a 60% erection for a few hours after using it, I can’t explain it. But at night after a days rest my erections are super hard, super fast. I can’t talk enough about this device except don’t be a cheap ass and build a home made p.o.s version of this, nothing home made can even be compared to the real thing. Good thing about it is when you use it you tend to get hard erections wilst using it, but this can be stopped by clamping when you start to get overly hard, which isnt a bad thing, blows up your girth and really does live up to it’s rep. Seriously guys buy this thing.

I like that location, Thunder.

Are there any better gains from it? Kangsized, you talked alot about it, what did you gain in a year of use?

I bought one last year, I used it for 8 weeks following the instructions online and I didn’t see any gains (probably to short of time).

I preferred using my hand, I felt I had better control and didn’t have to concentrate as much, I also cut my self with it lol, as I pulled down, the roller got pushed up and the metal rod came out of one end and scratched my penis (cat like scratch).

A hundred dollars is cheap ?

I bought one, and learned that it is basically a set of canning jar tongs that retail for eight dollars, and a couple rollers .

I like using the device, but make my own now for about ten dollars a pop .

I can’t see how you managed to do that james, the entire time I’ve used mine it never broke or came apart, in fact the metal that holds the rollers in place isnt even sharp enough to give me a white scratch on me. (Like when you scratch with ur nails) you diffinately get better gains from it I remember from my first 2 days of use I felt like my erections were slightly just sliiiightly thicker. And continueing to use it, with a moderate grip, not death squeezing it, it works best, and if you use it too fast I find it dosnt really do crap all. You need to find the grip that works best with you, I kno when I use it I used a slight to moderate grip and that tends to give me erections, which I do on purpose so I can clamp it down at the base then get the bottom chamber so thick with blood I will pull it upwards ever so slowly, talking bout a good 30 seconds to a minute every rep, feeling it up, not just pulling, and perfrom the “hold and squeeze” works great for ur girth. And besides james, the device so wide you must have been drunk in order for the metal to scratch you man. But even still that would have to be freaking mentally retarded as if ur just trying to scratch it, I can’t see how you possibly did that. Hell I can’t even scratch it like how you described even if I tried, this device is totally worth it guys, I’m telling you my erections are considerably bigger from using it. And the online instruction are bullshit the guy in the video is using it much too fast and I tried going at the speed he is using it and I find that it dosnt really effectively push the blood to the head, just kinda deflates sort of on every rep and dosnt hold the blood in chambers that are ahead of the rollers, if ur going that fast. Moderate grip like a handshake strength, unless ur one of those freaks that try and prove shit with a firm fricking grip, works best. Like 5 seconds or MORE every rep. No less. Do it gently and just watch ur dick go through the motions, you will understand this thing is extremely effective. Hand jelqing I can’t even think about going back to, nor can I understand how it would even work, this device is the only way I will ever jelq, ever, even if it broke, I wouldn’t bother hand jelqing man. Id wait till I had another one comming to me. Hand jelqing is so inferior to this thing it’s not even funny. Honestly I tried hand jelqing on and off for a half year and just really didnt see nothing comming from it, I even thought jelqing was a bunch a b.s! But I seen this device and figured, I really want to check this out, hand jelqing didnt really seem legit to me. Felt kinda weak man. As soon as I got this device I had to get used to it, but you get used to it so fast, my first session I was just playing with it all morning. Learning it, and the second time I used it, it was like I had it down, completely. Now I been jelqing with this thing a couple times a day nearly every day since I got it. And I will NEVER even bother with hand jelqs, as a matter of fact, I still believe hand jelqing dosnt even work, and this device is the only way I will ever jelq again. Period. And I wouldn’t try to make my own, I dunno, just seems kinda hokey. Experiance the real thing. But thats just me. I know hand jelqing probably does work, but for me it’s just kinda cavemanish to do it that way, just my opinion. And jelqing with this thing is plain fun, addictive, and satisfying, actually feels like you got something accomplished, main reason I will never hand jelq again, and only exercise with this thing. And you actually look forward to jelqing. And while your jelqing with this thing, it’s just fun to watch ur penis go through the motions with it, keeps ur mind occupied. Weird, I dunno, I give this thing 10/10 man. It’s a godsend. Can’t say enough about it. It’s durable, and if you do have a problem with the rollers comming off, which I totally find hard to believe, you can take out the rollers, squeeze the left and right side of it together and it will stay tight. The metal on it isnt very bendable so when you actually adjust it it will stay like that, permanently. Wonderful product guys. Seriously!

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