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Point at which you feel kegal

Pushy, isn’t he, guys?

But this is how we accumulate information to learn more and more about PE. I think we should jump in here and give Bib some data so - right or wrong - he can find out if he is on to something.



Felt pull at 12 o’clock

Pull stopped at 7 o’clock

Currently 8.3 BPEL, 6.0 girth

PEing for 15 months

Gained 2.8” length & 1.5” girth

Routine consists of hanging, stretching with blasters and twisted blasters and jelqing.

I agree with your train of thought. My tunca is currently my limiting factor. I am aggressively working it with fulcrum stretches and fulcrum hanging - AND IT’S WORKING!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Bib As if you were not a PE Legend already,i know that what you are working on will be a breakthrough. I hope you get your brainstorm figured out!

Lose tug back at about 8:00
Still feel the kegel at 6:00, but it can no more pull back the penis at that angle
6.5 inches nbpel
PE on/off for 4 years
Gains appr. 1.4 inches
Erection at about 10:00

Hanging mostly BTC with little results, manual stretching, milking…
DLD Blasters: it seems that they don’t affect my ligs very much

I think in the end everybody has to work on the tunica. You don’t want longer ligs, you want a longer penis. And the penis is the thing within the tunica albuginea… I think guys like me with very strong ligs should concentrate on tunica work from the start. Hanging BTC or even straight out for us would mean we attack the system on its strongest point; but you should attack the weakest point.

I am confused. Like DLD said, when I stand up and kegel, I feel a pull back (tug) even at 6:00, but when I’m sitting down, my dick does not get a “pull back” effect somewhere between 8 and 7..

My current length is 5.5 nbpel (I don’t measure BPEL), erect girth is almost 5..
Been PEing for a little over 5 months
Gains have been very minimal for length, but I’ve made at least .4 inches in girth so far.
My erection angle is 11:00 ….but throw a naked woman in front of me and it’s 12:00

Currently I do regular DLD Blasters, and some regular manual stretches where I usually just pull straight down and hold it like that [intensly] for about 20 minutes but sometimes pull straight out as well…and for girth I jelq almost 30 minutes, and do Horse 440s every now and then as well.

I guess that since I lose the pullback at 8 or 7, this means I’ve been wasting my time by doing the pull-straight-down type of manual sretches as these supposidly work the tunica the least and focus more on ligs.

Oh well. Time to start pulling straight out as well as straight up more often…

PS Data

Hi Bib,

I feel no tug between and including 6 and say 7. I feel a gradient of tug decreasing from 12-7. I tested this while standing and have repeated the test 3 times within a 15min period and observed the same results.

I am currently 7 and 3/8 inches bpel.

I have a two-stage penis. My girth is 5.25 in cir. from the base to the circumcision scar (about the first 2/3s). From there it tapers down to 4.5in just below the head. My head is rather square and I would estimate its cir. to be about 4.75in.

I have gained a total of 5/8 erect length in my PE history. Both stages of my penis have gained ¼ in erect girth.

My erect angle is about 9:45. I believe it was around 10:30 pre-pe

I have been doing exercises off and on for about 4 years. The work I have done has been broken up into 2-4 month intervals. I would say I have put in about 20 months total. I usually put between ½-1hr/day, 3-5 days/week.

You name the technique and I have put significant time into it. I attribute the first half of my length gain to a manual stretch I developed way back and the second half to your standard production model hanger. I have always used standard Jelk and Uli 3s as the bread and butter of my routines and I attribute my girth gains primarily to these two exercises although I can not say which if any contributed more.

With the exception of the gains and erection angle, take most of this with a grain of salt; these were not easy estimates for me to make.



Re: Point at which you feel kegal

Originally posted by Bib
Find the point at which you no longer experience a 'tug back'. Please report it here. Also, please give your dimensions, amount of time you have PEed, and gains. Also erection angle, by the clock, and PE techniques you have used.

Mine tapers off as I lower the angle, and cuts out completely somewhere between 7:00 and 8:00. Call it 7:30. I realize the intended clock scale has gotten fucked here, so I’m following precedent. The tug cuts out about an hour or two before straight down. It’s difficult to be more precise.

Currently near 7” BP (6 15/16”) by 4 5/8” midshaft.

Been PEing 16 months.

Gain: ~1.5” x 3/8”

Erection angle: slightly above horizontal. 9:30 or 2:30.

Techniques: everything. Several months of dedicated hanging if that is a consideration.

Now, what’s the theory?

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OK, 22 subjects. I’ll start writing, but it will take a couple days.


Originally posted by Bib
OK, 22 subjects. I'll start writing, but it will take a couple days.


Anyone else feel like a lab rat?

“Squeek, squeeeek!”

Yeah, I feel like a rat. I look like one too!


I have known for some time that my tunica is my limiting factor. I am embarking on a 3 month hanging period devoted entirely to lengthening the tunica. I plan to hang straight out and at different angles up to over the shoulder. My question for you is would you recommend that I use the starter or the regular? When you hung with the modified Bib, was it closer in size to the starter or the regular? Your input would be appreciated.


Oh, wait a minute. I’ll probably start getting invoices from Thunder. Forget I said anything.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Originally posted by Bib
Did you fill out the survey? NOOOOOO! So, you want to eat your pudding before you eat your meat?

Thought I had. I didn’t post my erection angle which is about 10 to 11 o’clock. Am I missing anything?

Here’s what I originally posted:

I think I have all the questions (huh, not all the answers.)

On the kegel part I seem to have a diminishing return on the tug. Alot of tug straight up (is that noon, i’m confused.) then as I take it down the tug diminishes but still feelable at nine oclock (perp to the ground) and then about an hour downward I lose total tugability.

PEing for two years. Most aggressively last few months I’ve gain 1” in length so now at 6.25” and .5” in girth so now at 5.25”

Used to only jelq. Now I jelq, manual stretch, DLD blasters, Uli and some horse squeeze and bends (last two only moderetly)


That got it, thanks. Growingup, goingdeep, and toid need their erection angles in. jtl needs everything. DLD needs dimensions and gains and RB needs gains.



my erection angle is 9:00

"Building a weapon of mass destruction" Started: 5.81" x 3.88" Now: 8.5" x 5.0" Goal: 9" x 6"

Bib, damn, it only took me three attempts to get you complete info :)

Currently 8 3/8” ebpl and 5.5” eg, have gained 3 3/8” ebpl and 1.5” eg in 14 months…

I honestly hope I haven’t left anything out… :)

Oh, and just so as not to screw up your theory, lying in bed last night, I did the test over, having done no kegel work all day. I lose the pc pull at about 7 o’clock…


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