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Point at which you feel kegal

I havnt stretched my ligs out yet so I’m still a 8:30.

I really don’t get it. What happen if you feel the LOT in many hours? Not just one specifically?

26-Nov-2014 (sin la consistencia que quiero)= Flac: 10 cm. Erection (BP): 14 cm. / NBP 12.9 cm. / Girth (Grosor): 12 cm.

Short term goal (Meta a corto plazo): 15 cm x 13 cm. Final Goal (Meta Final): 20 cm. x 16 cm.

Interesting, But.

Hi Bibs-

The data is interesting and it seems there might be a correlation between gains and LOT. However, if I’ve read this thread correctly, I still haven’t seen a complete anatomical theory that is consistent with biomechanical principles (after all we are talking muscles and ligaments here).

Because the Kegel - if everyone is doing it correctly - is pulling the PC muscle which is attached to the underside of the inner penis, and because the suspensory ligs attach to the top of the inner penis, the logical correlation (since these are antagonist forces) would be inverted. The tighter the ligament, the “earlier” (by clock measurement) the LOT (I.e. Tight ligs would still feel a pull at 6:00).

However, there is another factor here in the data that may be affecting outcomes. It’s that if your lig is already lengthened, then as you go from 12 to 9, you are not really forcing a slackening of the PC muscle because the inner penis rotates out with downward motion and Kegeling activates PC muscle as intended. Then as you reach 6, the PC begins to slacken and you lose contractability (as is normal with all muscles). However if ligs are tight, movement between 12 and 9 may induce more posterior movement of the inner penis and thus lead to early PC deactivation.

This is speculative, and the variables are numerous, but I am unconvinced that LOT has to do with direct ligamentous involvement. Though, with a dynamic look into the anatomy, this measurement could still be useful in determining if ones suspensory lig is taught or slack and there for where one might want to focus stretches.

That said, thank you for your effort on this. I will follow this thread closely!

Originally Posted by Bib
This is a test.

Say you are stretching flaccid straight out from your body. That would be 9:00. Straight up would be 12:00, straight down 6:00.

Start out stretching straight up and kegal. Do you feel a ‘tug back’ against your stretch? OK, now slowly lower your hand while keeping the stretch, and kegal every few seconds. Find the point at which you no longer experience a ‘tug back’. Please report it here. Also, please give your dimensions, amount of time you have PEed, and gains. Also erection angle, by the clock, and PE techniques you have used.



Well, I felt tug back all the way to 6 o clock. 6 3/4 x 4 7/8. Been at it for a few months. Manuals and some low pressure pumping, but I stopped pumping recently and doing all manuals with more stretches. I reckon my erection angle is right around 9 o clock.

Starting Stats BPL(measured from top): 6 3/4" EG: 4 5/8" (as of 5/25/2016)

Short term goal 7"x 5"

Long term goal: Don't really have one. Why stop?


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