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pc muscle exsercise= faster growth?

pc muscle exsercise= faster growth?

I have been neglecting pc exsercises and doing them infrequently because i havent been able to get it tired even though it is not strong. I dont get it is it suppose to get tired like you work out on you biceps? well anyways how does this muscle effect growth if it does at all. Is warming up and cooling down really needed because an earlier post had a guy that didnt do them and jelqed and stretched and gained a whole lot in little time.

Well everyone is different, but I believe Kegaling is an awesome base core to everything. It allows you to get more efficency out of the exercises that you do. It is the only exercise you can do anytime or anyplace. Do them on the ride back from work. Make them second nature.

Think of it as having a really worked motor on a car yet a shitty restricted exhaust system on the car that slows and hampers the performance. The more you work the exhaust the better the yeild everywhere. I hope you can understand my anology here.

Priapos on this message board gained 2 inches in 2 months. It amazed me, and his routine was almost the same as ours, except

he kegeled to and from work, bout 2000 kegels (i will need a vacation after that).

I think there is a relation of kegels to gains.


are you suppose to get a burn like after working out on a muscle at the gym? cant seem to get that.

I would like to hear someones opinion on the burning part also.

When i try to squeeze that muscle too hard, my butt muscles kick in, and i do not feel as much workout on PC then I feel on butt muscles.

Kegals & PE

I used to do kegals seperate from PE routines. Now I do them in conjunction with manual stretching and jelqing. For manual stretching it is apparent that it increases the pull on the ligs and make manual stretching more effective for those of us a bit hesitant to hang. For jelqing it is great because by kegalling you can better control the % of erection and great for increasing blood flow while using squeezes along with jelqing.

re Kegels

I would caution everyone about getting carried away with Kegels. I do about 300 a day, but not as a means for gaining length. I suspected that kegeling could actually inhibit length gains. I posed the question to Thunder and he said that it is possible that kegeling could have a slight limiting effect, but that the benefits far outweighed the slight limitations. I then posed the question to a friend of mine who is a Urologist (he also happens to PE). He told me to hold my penis by the glans and then kegel and look and feel what happens. The kegel causes the penis to retract. He said that the PC muscle is primarily responsible for lifting the erection with the help of the ligaments. When the ligaments are stretched (as occurs by hanging) the PC muscle plays an even bigger role in supporting the erection. Because of the proximity to the prostate, a fit PC muscle also helps to keep the prostate fit. He told me to do kegels, but that the best technique was to stretch the penis as far as possible while kegeling. That is exactly how I do them, but I do them for prostate and erection health - not growth. He agreed with Thunder that about 2-300 a day was sufficient. I suspect that Priapos got such a great gain because he was 8”+ to begin with and his girth was kind of low. I think that guy is truly building a weapon of mass destruction. He’s a great guy, though.

Happy PEing


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Hey Jelktoid,
I think the Doc may be a little off base here, or he did not consider the issue of moving blood into the penis. The PC plays a big part in that also. Look at me telling a doc what’s up.

Anyway guys, do the freaking PC exercises even if they do turn out to limit gains a little, which I am not sure of at this point. The benefits will outweigh the slight negative aspects of the PC exercises, if indeed there are any.

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Hi, here is a weird way I learned about kegels. I was in the gym doing the exercise for quads where u sit in a machine and extend your legs in front of you. As I was doing my 3rd set with a heavy weight, I noticed this ‘sexual feeling.” I quickly looked around and I was like…”nice nice.” But, now that I know about PC exercises, I think that the sexual feeling came from the tightening of the PC muscle as I was forcing myself to finish the reps.

But hey, don’t take my word for. Try it yourself!

I am building a weapon of ass destruction!

I personally do not believe that Kegels place any limitation on size gains. This is an annecdotal comment, but I’ve been doing them since well before the start of my PE program with only positive results: stronger ejaculations, better ejaculatory control during sex, what appears to be a very healthy prostate, and I’ve had substantial size gain.

My only caveat about them is in over-doing them. A stessed PC will only land you in a bad place: reduced ejaculation velocity and/or duration, erectile problems, prostatitis, among other undesireables.

If your PC ever hurts, you’ve gone too far, imo.




my abs twitch whenever I do them sometimes like when I am really concentrating

After, seeing the thread by Jelktoid about kegalling limiting length gains of course I measured and found I had made no gains in length since my last measurement. However, I did make some small gains in mid-shaft and base girth. A trade-off. I really don’t think the kegals have hurt my lengthening though as when I perform them during manual stretching I can see and feel the ligs being stretch more (unless the PC contraction somehow strengthens the ligs making them stronger and tighter?). I also totally agree with Thunder in that the health benifits have been worthwhile (stronger erections, more volume and stronger ejaculations).

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