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Accurate PC Muscle Training

Accurate PC Muscle Training


I have found a lot information about the PC muscle and exercises but I couldn’t find a specific routine for a new trainer. There are lots of opinions so I have a lot of questions..

Should I train every day 3 times or should I train every other day?

Can the PC muscle be damaged if over-trained?

Can someone give me a complete workout routine so I can follow?

And last questions, how can reverse kegels help me? Should I kegel or reverse kegel in order to have multiple orgasm?

As you can see I’m very confused..


The PC muscle is a muscle like all others and needs rest so doing kegels everyday is probably not going to do any good. PC muscle can get really soar so over-training is certainly not impossible and should be avoided at all cost, EQ depends on keeping your PC in good shape most of the time.

I do kegels every day I do jelqs and stretching which is 4-5 days a week and do many 5 second reps, sometimes combined with a few longer reps.

I’ve never experienced multiple orgasms but men who have done it got extremely fit PC muscles, doing many towel-lifts.

Beginning size jan 2010: BPEL 5.5 (14 cm), EG measured at root: at least 4.3 (11.0 cm) BPFL: 3.1 (8 cm)

23/3 2010: BPEL - 5.75 (14.6) , EG root 4.4 (11.2), Middle 4.4 (11.2) BPFL: 3.3 (8.5 cm) 20/5 2010: BPEL - 5,9 (15.0) EG root 4.5 (11.6), Middle 4.4 (11.2), NBPEL 5.1 (13.0), BPFL: 3.5 (9.0cm) Short-term Goal: NBPEL 6.0, EG root 12.0 cm Long-term Goal: NBPEL 7.0 EG Middle 5.5 (14.0)

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