Free PC (or kegel) muscle exercise program

I found this free PC muscle exercise program on some time ago - here’s the link: It’s a very basic program which offers 8 different versions of PC exercises. For example, the first set of exercises is to tighten the PC muscles for one second, then release for one second, then tighten again, then release again, etc. for 20 repetitions.

Some of the exercises are more advanced - holding for longer times, more reps, etc. You’ll have to build up to these if you’re new at exercising your PC muscles (or, if you’re a woman lurking on TP, your kegels).

If you don’t know why you should exercise your PC muscle, do a search, you’re sure to come up with lots of hits. I’ll say this much: firmer erections, stronger climax, more forceful ejaculations. That’s what they say, anyhow. If someone wants to respond with some specific posts, that’d be great.

I’ve set up my Windows Event Manager so that once an hour, the program pops up and reminds me to do my exercises. What I like about this is that it continually reminds me to do these exercises, but if I don’t want to I can always just close the window.

If you download the Windows software (and by the way, you should check out the rest of his site, it’s pretty entertaining) and then want to set up the event manager like I did, here are the steps:

1) Download the software. It’s a zip file, so you’ll need to unzip it. Hopefully you know how to do this. Make sure you keep track of where the xercise.exe file is extracted to.
2) In XP, click on Start/Control Panel/Scheduled Tasks. Sorry, I’m not sure how to do this in Vista.
3) Click on Add Scheduled Task. The Scheduled Task Wizard will launch. Click on Next.
4) Click on Browse and then find the xercise.exe file which you extracted from the zip file, highlight the file and click Open.
5) Type a name for the task. I called it xercise.
6) Select an option from the “Perform this task” list, but don’t worry, we won’t be using any from the list. But we have to click on one of these in order to get past this window.
7) Select the time you want the task to run. If you plan on running it once an hour, like I did, then it doesn’t matter what time you pick here. I happen to have it run at the top of the hour. Make sure the start date is today or tomorrow, but not way off in the future. Click Next.
8) If this is a work computer where you login, use your Windows login name and password. If this is not a computer where you login, I don’t think you’ll need to set this option. Click Next.
9) Check the “Open advanced properties…” box, then click Finish.
10) A new window will launch. Click on the Schedule tab.
11) Click on the Advanced button.
12) Click on the Repeat Task box. That’s the key to running the program every hour - or every ten minutes if you want. The frequency is up to you. For once an hour, choose “Every: 60 minutes”, for example.
13) Click on a time you want the program to run until. For example, if this is on your office computer, you might want it to quit running at 6pm when you leave for the day - no sense in it running while you’re away. Or you can tell it to begin at, say, 8am and run for a Duration of 8 hours. In either case, it makes sense to check the “If task is still running, stop it at this time” so that you don’t get multiple instances of the program running at once. Click Apply.

Now the event should show up in the list of scheduled tasks. You can see when the next run time is. If that does not show the right time, you will need to double click on the xercise task and change the settings.

When the program runs, all you do is pick an exercise from 1 to 8, then click any key to get started. The program runs in a DOS window - no frills here, but did I say it was FREE? Good at twice the price.

That’s about it. Hope this works for the rest of you guys. I’m no IT guy, so it’s very possible that I missed something, but I don’t think so. Corrections are welcome, though.

Disclaimer: Don’t know the dude who wrote it, no connection, no-one collects a dime, don’t blame me if you have to explain the program, not valid in Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico, void where prohibited, your mileage may vary. See complete rules for details. All Praise to the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

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