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need some advice routine+bruising

need some advice routine+bruising

greetings everyone I’m a new member to this forum, but have been PE’ing for about 1 year now. Perhaps some of you can lend me some advice about my routine and situation. I absolutely have had no gains from the time I have started PE’ing, I’m sure it’s because I’ve been changing and not sticking to programs I sign up for. I won’t give up though. It hasn’t been until recently that I’ve actually put in some work (about one month now) thoroughly. That program:

3 min. warm-up (hot wraps)
5 min. (a stretch) (only started this past week)
10 min (v-stretch) (only started this past week)
10 min (double clasp-caterpillars)
10 min wet jelq
10 reps of horse440’s. (just started this month-actually has been working great)
3 min cool down (hot wraps)

3 days on one day off + two pills of 500mg of GNC L-arginine pills

I might throw in 10 min. of uli’s in addition to the program or in place of those caterpillars or jelqs. I need some feedback on that idea. Haven’t been doing any kegals either.

Another question, this past weekend I started noticing some bruising and pain (when squeezed) at the base where the ‘ok’ grip is applied for the horse 440’s. I have taken arnica pills, applied hot wraps, and have only done stretches the past two days. Should I continue with the same workout when the pain subsides or stops bruising? Any advice would much be appreciated.

What are caterpillars? Anyway I think your routine seems pretty well balanced, but maybe you should throw in a little extra time for the warm-up. And personally, I don’t do a cool down, too much heat can be bad for the balls and cause sterility. But thats just me I’m pretty over-protective when it comes to my sperm :) . Anyway, about the pain I would wait till it subsides then start up again with a lesser intensity. Since you said that you really didn’t put much work into your PE session until recently your dick isn’t probably well conditioned enough to take all those exercises at this time. So wait it out and be a little more gentle on the ol’ boy. Any pain that keeps you from doing your exercises means that you should rest. But if its just minor soreness I say go on as usual. Hope I’ve helped, welcome to the forums and good luck on your journey to a bigger wang :)

thanks for you help inamo, I’ll definitely take the advice.

As far as caterpillars, it’s something I picked up on some PE forum can’t remember which one though. I personally have not seen any gains with it, maybe it’s not for me. Here it is though:

1. get a 100% erection
2. jelq from base to head using the underhand grip with one hand and leave your grip underneath the head where you would normally end your jelq.
3. kegal in some blood
4. with the other hand use an overhand ‘ok’ grip to the base of the penis and hold for 5 seconds.
5. now on both hands close the middle fingers and hold for 5 seconds.
6. now the ring fingers and hold for 5 seconds.
7. release

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