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Pumping Advice Needed routine change

Pumping Advice Needed routine change

Hey guys, need some advice. I do penis pumping for like 2 hours, get the whole big inflated penis look. I like it, but the problem is since my penis is full of fluid, and because of this, it is hard to do other exercises. Personally, I am still lost on the best routines to use (stretches, hanging, jelqing) because a lot of guys say pumping rarely gives permanent results. Are the any routine I can use but still maintain the big bulge look?

On good day I am 8 inches around 5.5 thickness. I don’t want to gain a lot, just between 0.5 inches to 1.5 inches in length and up to an inch in width.Any advice?

Read the pumping 101 thread, that’s my advice. It sounds like you have no clue at how to pump. Even better, start with the newbie routine and be consistent for at least three months. I understand your lazyness on this, though, since you are already huge and you don’t need any PE at all. But doing things wrong not only is a waste of time, it can be dangerous too. Pumping at too high levels of pressure can give you ED for several days if not weeks.

I would go back to the basic pump jelq routine that Avocet laid out in pumping 101

pumping for hours to get the penis full of fluid can be fun but in my opinion is totally useless for permanent gains.

I only pump on low pressure, the reason why I have stuck to pumping is because it is less hassle, but not seen permanent gains. God, I hate jelqing but I guess, I got to do it if I want gains.

If your penis is ‘full of fluids’, I guess you are not doing it in the right way.

Have a read through Gators pumping log and Kubchasers hard gainer log, lots of good advice in there.

Well I did it for the fluid build up plus I pump my sack, the problem is you become big and you can’t jelq or stretch. And no, I haven’t damaged anything always use low pressure and breaks every 20 mins, I guess I will have to get over the bulge look I like and work with normal routines. Some guys pump for the big bugle look and to stretch the nut sack. Thanks for advice

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