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My girlfriend just told me I need penis surgery!


>Ps. Should I still cheat on her? I’m feeling a bit guilty now. Women are only as rude as you let them be.<

If you want to, tell her that you don’t feel a connection with her anymore but she can still hang out with you as friends, on the understanding that sex is part of the deal. If she doesn’t want to get with the program, tell her that you will take her to clubs to introduce you to other chicks, and you want her to give you a good introduction to her girlfriends too. hehehe.


You are very bad boys :D

WOW , Impressive. Thats all I have to say. And now you can look in the mirror and know you are a man in every sense of the word. And since you are in control - make sure you decide whats best for you. I wouldnt cheat on her but I would cut her loose if you dont love her or stay with her if you do. Its up to you now. You have won.


Now all you need to do is, like the other guys said, cut her loose!

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I would think twice about lending her money, especially if your money is tight right now. Your responses indicate that you don’t see her being with you down the road, so I’d recommend that you hold on to your hard earned cash.

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Wow I’ve seen this type of thing happen before, yet I’m still amazed how well it works.. I’ve been scared to use it myself sometimes fearing it wouldn’t work.. but i’ve never seen it not work.

I’d definately stay with her if you like her, she was just trying what all humans try to get to be in control of things. You played the same game on her and she totally caved. And you didn’t even start it so she can’t even say your an asshole. The sad thing is after you seriously threatened to leave her and said some really mean things, she will love you more then ever.

Status update please!

Still together? Girlfriend? Fuck buddy? Broke up?

My opinion is she deserves to have your 8-incher rammed up her ass, hard.


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I had a former GF, someone who works in my building, tell me one day last spring that this guy she was seeing had an even bigger dick than I do. She couldn’t say mine was small because she always told me how much bigger I was than her ex husband and the other guys she had been with. I figured it was possible, but I did not acknowledge that to her. I very confidently laughed and said, “Sure he does.” She did not say anything back, so I suspected she was lying then, but I still thought about it it that night.

At least two months later she says,”I hate you, you cocky bastard. I couldn’t even fool you about Kevin’s cock being bigger!!” The point is that I am not huge, just a bit above average and thick, but she thinks it’s huge. I think guys need to be more willing to call bullshit. Women actually respect that quality. They are attracted to confident men.

good one doggmann!

Yea this whole ex boyfriend with the 12” horse cock who can last for days and is the best lover in the world is such an ace-up-the-sleeve it’s not even funny. Pure BS. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found it in Cosmo’s “20 ways to control and mindfuck your new man”

Originally Posted by doggmann

The point is that I am not huge, just a bit above average and thick, but she thinks it’s huge

Numbers, doggmann, don’t post something like this without numbers. You know how we PE’ers are.

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Very, very, cool. After you break her down, just whisper in her ear, “Look baby, you know I love you and I’m yours, but don’t ever forget that I’m your daddy, and if you get out of line I’m always going to spank that ass. Okay?”

This sounds very much to me like the “Double Your Dating” email junk most of us are getting. I discovered a long time ago that my success with women was in direct proportion to how little I cared if they were with me or not. It’s sad actually. I have to be afraid of opening up to someone I really like for fear that she will unconsciously begin to feel differently about me if I’m not “manly” enough. Time to call my psychotherapist….

Chill man, you’re big.

Bitches with bad attitude deserve nothing but dumping. If she talks like that and you don’t dump her first she will dump you next .

I have to agree with Penismith regarding the reaction. The woman seems insecure in her ownself, with her feelings of wanting her breasts enlarged, just as we can feel insecure even being as large as you?? And still ‘not enough’. I would not bring the issue up ever again period regarding her surgery. I would have to ask her if she is wanting just sex or love and a sexual relationship. There are always two sides to every story, I guess if you really wanted to know for sure, you could always ask again.. “Would you like me more if I was bigger”.. Wow.

Your girlsfriend is a bitch, and if I was you id stop talking to her for awhile. She’s not worth your time if she’s talking to you like that, do you want the mother of your children unsatisfied with your penis size, get a decent girl, your penis is above avg


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