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My girlfriend just told me I need penis surgery!

While eating her, ask her if she has a yeast infection

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I only lightly read the responses, so I hope I am not duplicating a response- sorry I wish I jumped onto this post several days ago.

Anyway, she’s full of crap.

1) The ruler doesn’t lie. You’re not small. From some angles the penis looks a great deal smaller than it is. I swear, from some angles Ron Jeremy looks like he’s packing 7”-8” (when he’s supposed to be 9.75”).

2) She probably has been with a guy who might be .5” longer than you (non pressed) and .25-.5” in girth longer than you. Which is not much to us guys, but to a woman, it’s a HUGE difference (no pun intended). I mean, have you ever read the threads from people on this site whose girlfriends / wives have said “Wow you feel so much bigger” - yet they’ve just begun PE (made very small gains in size).

3) She said some nasty stuff to get revenge on you saying she needed implants (I know this was mentioned before).

4) Women can be cruel to a guy who feels insecure about himself. They’ll say “oh it’s not the size that counts” or “you’re big enough already” - but when you enlarge yourself to be close to 9-10 inches and they cannot take your meat anymore- then you feel bad because you are TOO big and it’s a turn off to them. So it’s just a big vicious circle.

My advice to you: Use what she said as a motivation for you!

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Being TOO big is a problem I wouldn’t mind dealing with.

Originally posted by pahncrd
Being TOO big is a problem I wouldn't mind dealing with.

Same here :thumbs:

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This is the latest update guys - I told her shes treatin me like shit and that shes dumped. She got mad and used her old tactics and said i’m shit at sex etc.

Well let me tell you - I didn’t get mad at all. I laughed and said ”Well, now that we are not going to be seeing each other anymore, its not a problem, you can go call John and let him give you some good sex, haha”

She called me back instantly and I played her own tricks on her, these are some of the things I told her:

1) When I fucked you I was always thinking of other girls!
2) Those times at the start of the relationship, it wasn’t anxiety or stress that made my dick not want to rise - it was ur lack of tits!
3) I was too used to my ex who had the biggest breasts ever - I was downgraded from a DD to a flat chest!
4) Your not even good looking your just decent.

She was horrified. I was laughing like it was a big joke and told her ”so its ok for you to wind me up but I can’t do it, hehe?”

She was like ”Yeh but your being serious! I cant believe this! You know your dick is big but I can’t believe you just told me that, all those times we’ve had sex you were thinking of other girls while you were doing it”

I told her i’ve been speaking to another girl who wants to date me and she started crying and begging me not to leave her. Then she started reflecting on the relationsip and getting really emotional. As things stand, she has told me that she ”loves me so much” and ”I would never need or want to cheat on you”. She could hardly stop sobbing. She even tried one last trick asking for the girls number to call but I didn’t give it to her and told her theres no need.

Guys, I have learned the best lesson ever, the hard way admittedly, but:


It works a treat! I’ve got her eating out of my hand.

Ps. Should I still cheat on her? I’m feeling a bit guilty now. Women are only as rude as you let them be.

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I’m beginning to wonder if we got the whole story from the get go.

Very funny, but expected. Women respect and love you that much more if you stand up for yourself. If they think you’re a bitch, they’ll treat you as such.

As a few others have mentioned, we only get a snapshot of this girl, perhaps overall she is a good person who just needs to get her mouth in check. If you like/love her then sit down and talk to her. Don’t let anger or pride ruin something that might be good. BUT NO APOLOGIES for what you said, it was fair play and she deserved it. Set ground rules. Make it clear that disrespect like that is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Fuck what other people think about you. Learn to take in constructive advice and dismiss the rest. Took me a while to fully grasp that one.

Way to be the man. I just had to put my girl in her place again the other night. I got her on a leash like a puppy. She’s mine for the taking and i do whatever i want with her. She obeys me and does what i tell her to do. YOUR THE MAN always remember that. Just look at girls as another person your not going to take shit off of just cause they are a girl.


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Trust me. Stick with honesty and demanding honesty. You’ll never lose your place in that game. If you want to fuck another girl, for real, inside, then do it. If not then don’t, but don’t start lying. Yet alone a lying contest.

Lying to other people has a funny way of mutating into lying to yourself and THAT you can NOT afford. That said. This woman not only lied, she lied with the only possible purpose of hurting you. End it. She’ll survive the lesson. Her pretending that she won’t is yet another lie to you and herself. If you don’t, the only lesson she will learn is that she can always recover from that evil bullshit with a few tears, and in the end it will end badly for you, guranteed, and you will get several new painful lessons at that time and along the way. When was the last time you heard a story that went: “When we were dating, my wife insulted my cock and my lovemaking ability, but I hurt her back. Now we’re in love and my life has never been better”. Forgive her by all means, but cut her loose. You will both grow and find someone else to be happy with after a fresh start.

The second most plentiful quantity on the planet after water is pussy. A good woman however is a bit harder to find.

Find one that has already learned the caring and honesty lessons.

No, now that she’s submitted, you are in control and she probably will never talk to you like that again. But from what she was saying it sounds like she was joking, are you sure you didnt just act overly sensitive? Take her back since she’s learned her lesson. If it happens again the future, you can take the same route, just dont be as cruel… as you dont want to make enemies and have anyone hating you.

Originally posted by Jelqist

1) When I fucked you I was always thinking of other girls!
2) Those times at the start of the relationship, it wasn't anxiety or stress that made my dick not want to rise - it was ur lack of tits!
3) I was too used to my ex who had the biggest breasts ever - I was downgraded from a DD to a flat chest!
4) Your not even good looking your just decent.

WOW!!! You sure turned the tables on her! Number 1 would have just been enough, but no, you had to say 2,3,and 4. Number 1 shattered her ego into tiny pieces, and 2,3,4 set those pieces on fire.

:thumbs: :clap:

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Hey Wt,

What is that in your avatar?

The ravings of a madman...

Well done jelqist.

I wouldn’t cheat. I’d just tell her that I’m gonna fuck other women (and do it) if she wants to be a FB that would be ok. Cut all emotional strings. If she tries to reattach cut her loose for good.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Originally posted by rakishly
Stick with honesty and demanding honesty. You'll never lose your place in that game.

Find one that has already learned the caring and honesty lessons.


Nicely done. Done a little more harshly than I would have but still nice.

I agree with Rakishly. If you chose to date your EX, and others, don’t lie about it. Be up front and honest.

Wow, ya, way to be the man. I wouldn’t go quite as far as erm said though. What’s the point of being in a relationship if all you’re going to do is boss the other person around.


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