LOT is moving

Damn, but this has been hard. Intense manual BTC stretches is all I have done over the last 10 weeks and my LOT has finally moved from 10 to 9. I’ve gained 1/4 inch during this time and it made me wonder. I’m going to keep doing BTC stretching and when my LOT goes to 8, then I’ll measure again to see if I find another 1/4 inch in length. It would be interesting to find a direct ratio between LOT lose and length gain.

On the topic of ligs, judging by the different types of soreness over the last 6 months, I’m getting to think that you can really feel the difference between fundiform lig stretch and suspensory lig stretch. Based on this assumption, I think it’s the suspensory ligs that determine LOT. It’s only been these last 10 weeks that I’ve felt the suspensory ligs getting a real stretch and only then has my LOT changed. Before then, the fundiform ligs got stretched all to hell and LOT didn’t change at all.

The suspensory ligs seem to be extra tough and take much more work to stretch and they’re getting tougher all the time. It’s getting to the point where I can’t get them sore without wearing out my grip. It’s probably time for a break to let things get deconditioned.

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