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Revised LOT

Revised LOT

After carefully rereading Bib’s LOT test, I’ve concluded that I’ve understated my LOT. I had believed that my LOT was a pathetic 6:00, but after rereading the test clarification (in the PDF), I believe that my LOT is between 7:30-8:00 (probably closer to the latter).
“While doing the LOT test, many guys have reported movement at the top base of their penis while doing the kegal. I think for most, if not all, this is the LIGAMENTS reacting to the kegal.

When you begin to see the Loss OF Tugback of the head, and you see a movement in your base, that should definitively be your LOT. That is the exact point that your PC no longer affects the outer shaft, and the energy from the PC is affecting the ligs.

I think the reason some guys are having problems finding their exact LOT, is because they are getting some head movement, because the PC is working through the ligs, and the ligs are pulling back the outer shaft slightly.

Don't make it too difficult. If the head does not pull back much, and the base is 'flexing', that is your LOT….
Let me be a little clearer. On some thread, I said that when you see a lessening of the tugback, it might be because the ligs and shaft are both taking some of the tugback from the PC. This could be valid. But if the base is flexing, the ligs, and the head is showing a slight tugback, then it is probably the tugback being transferred through the ligs to the outer shaft without the outer shaft being affected by the inner shaft. Then, your LOT would be where the tugback begins to be reduced, and the base flexes.”

I was not pulling enough - not tightly, just way too loose. And I was getting the “movement” from the PC vibrating through the ligs. After I read Bib’s clarification several times, I laid flat on my back & tried the test. Tugback was very pronounced from 12:00 through 9:00, dropped a little thereafter, but dropped significantly below 8:00.
So, that’s some good news anyway - 8:00 is still low, but is better than 6:00. I’m gonna start hitting BTC stretches & maybe some sporadic hanging, until my LOT is below 7:00; then I’m going on all stretching above 9:00 to test the hypothesis that LOT can be raised.

Gee,that would be some refreshing news after thinking your LOT is 6. It is easy to make it too difficult as Bib said.

Good Luck,


I’m a user of AP and I think my lot is 8,
I guess I need to be wearing the device always pointing up so I can grow more in the tunica.

Is this true?

Originally Posted by Dr_Doo
I’m a user of AP and I think my lot is 8,
I guess I need to be wearing the device always pointing up so I can grow more in the tunica.

Is this true?

This thread has been dead for over 5 years. Not many people pay much attention to LOT anymore, so you shouldn’t worry about it either.

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