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LOT being applied to DLD Blasters?

LOT being applied to DLD Blasters?

Hi Everyone,

I have been thinking about LOT and DLD Blasters and have some questions, I might be totally off though, as I am a beginner. From what I understand when you stretch below your LOT you are targeting the ligs, and when you stretch above your LOT you target the tunica. It seems to me the DLD Blasters target only the tunica, becuase as DLD said in another thread, the maximum benefit of the blasters was achieved when they were done at an angle that maximized tugback. Since there is maximum tugback you are stretching above your LOT and therefore the tunica. Now for my question, I have a LOT of 9:00 or straight out, which I think means I have gains to be made through lig stretching. Does this mean that the DLD Blasters should be done at an angle below my LOT. If so, it seems the kegel part of the exercise would not have benefit in the stretch because there is no tugback anyway. So would it be best to just do 30 sec. A stretches below my LOT?


The point of the blaster is simply to wear out the BC muscle and aid tunica stretching. It seems to be effective for those people who are unable to relax the BC muscle fully forcing a greater relaxation by working the muscle. A similar principle to bouncing a stretch towards the toes reaching further each time. The alternative is to relax slowly into a stretch.

So yes the blaster routine is designed to target the tunica.

With a LOT of 9 it could be fairly reasonably argued that you can gain a fair amount through the ligs and these will stretch more quickly than the tunica.

If targeting the ligs by stretching well below LOT angle, there is no point to the blaster as it is relaxing something that is in not involved in the stretch.

That said, at some point in time lig gains will end and you will want to target the tunica. I started PE before I had as mediocre an appreciation of penile anatomy as I do now. I always stretched about my LOT (probably). So I was effectively targeting my tunica from the word go. It didn’t seem to inhibit my gains, which were in fact quite good.

If you are targeting the ligs specifically probably your best bet for a stretch is BTC. Its going to target the ligs and when performed correctly it can be held for long periods at high tension.

So the question you really need to ask is are you gaining? If not change things, otherwise keep things the same until they stop working.

Hope that helps.

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