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LOT came back higher.

LOT came back higher.

This morning, I surprisedly found that my LOT came back higher a little bit. My original one was about 6:30-7:00, so basically I more concentrated on the tunica stretching during last month. This morning, after doing 100 up-stretch combined with kegel. I checked my LOT again. It came back to 8:30-9:00. I was very happy!

I figure there must be two possible reasons:

(1) I got the wrong LOT measurement previously because I had the strong PC muslce and I measured the LOT before making the PC musle fatigue so that I could alway feel somewhat tug back even at very low LOT angle.

(2) Tunica stretching helped increasing the LOT.

So now, I’m going to add some lig stretching back into my length routine!

Good…..I hope to have the same thing. My LOT was about 6:00. The last week I have been focusing more on stretching up and side to side.
Before I was primarily pulling down.

Thanks for letting us know that it has helped your LOT.
I will start doing the same and hopefully mine will change.


Did you make any gains?

If you have not gained, then LOT will have changed due to temporary hyperextension from your stretching routine. Try testing your LOT when you wake up and a morning, and see if it is the same.



I’ve gained about 0.25” FSBPL since I chaned into tunica stretch from May, but I gained 0.25” EBPL in April stretching without focusing on tunica. It seems harder to gain by tunica stretching. I’m glad that my LOT has come back a little bit so that potentially I can gain easier by doing lig stretch.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll measure my LOT again tomorrow morning, but do you think if I should measure it after fatigue my PC musle at first? Because if my PC muscle was not fatigue, I couldn’t clearly differentiate the tug resulted from the PC muscle from that resulted from the lig.

silk, I’m still not sure if it came back indeed or I measured wrongly before. I’ll remeasure it according to SS4Jelq’s advice.

As for myself, I feel more effective (not the result, but the feeling of a good stretch) when stretching downwards or straight out than stretching upwards.

Are you supposed to test your LOT after your PC muscles is fatigued? Can’t remember reading about this in the thread…

What does LOT mean?


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Originally posted by Good_Knight
Are you supposed to test your LOT after your PC muscles is fatigued? Can't remember reading about this in the thread…

That’s why I am confused if I tested correctly. However, I would expect that the LOT would be tested more accurately after PC muscle was fatigued. That’s similar to the theory of DLD’s Blaster which claims having the better lig stretching after fatiqueing the PC musle by doing 100 kegels beforehand. I hope I am right!

Originally posted by cascade
What does LOT mean?

Cascade, LOT means “loss of tugback”. Take a look at this post!

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