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lost girth, gain length

lost girth, gain length

Some weird things are going on.

In lost 0,22" girth!! help! I reported that I’d lost some girth. After the posting, I changed my routine and got my girth back (thank god). A month ago, I started with pumping. Since then, I gained 0,5” length! That never happened before in such a short period. BUT I lost some serious girth (again).

I’m very happy with my length gain, but as you can see in my signature, girth is my priority. I have to gain 0,89” girth in 1,5 year for my goal!

I’m hoping for some good advice that hopefully will give me my girth back! I’m talking about serious theft here!

My current routine:

One day on, one day off

-manual stretch with IR lamp 30 / 40 min.
-jelq 10 min. with IR lamp
-pump 10 min.
-jelq 10 min. with IR lamp
-pump 10 min.
-jelq 10 min. with IR lamp

Thank you guys!

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Increasing intensity and adjusting the days on/off would be a start. I would defenitely be the wrong guy to ask for girth advice for sure. Have you tried clamping? There is an ole’ boy from Texas named Big Girtha that has an excellent thread about clamping and does well at it, there is something about those guys from Texas. :)

Hey homes, check your session, I believe that you might be just impulsing your nerves in your penis, even though 10 mins is a long time, changing the “je ne se ca” I don’t know what, you could be just waking your penis up, I’m a studying nurse, and the membrane could just be getting a shock, so maybe 30 min. Jelq, 30 pump, not too sure about the amount of pumpage, but don’t be hard on yourself, if it hurtsits not right.

Also, try some pull ups after the session, the arabian technique was originated from after mb’ing they did 200 or so pull ups, I can do almost twenty at a time, maybe add an hour to a routine, just words. Luke.

I recently have focused on girth via clamping. My girth measurements increased but my length decreased. It is like I am not making gains but just changing the direction that my penile tissue is stretching. In other words, the tissue tends to more easily stretch circumferencially after doing girth work, which leaves less material for length. Frustrating.

Pull ups? What are these?

I think he means … pull ups. You know the arm/lat exercise?

200 is a warm up! Wussies!

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If I could do 200 pull ups,I’d focus that energy on something more constructive.Like another 200 jelqs.

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