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Length vs. Girth

Length vs. Girth

I am relatively new to P.E. I want to know if I use P.E. for added length will I lose girth. Here are my starting Erect measurments, NBP:

Length: 7 3/8 “

Girth: 6 3/4”

The other question too is I am circumsized and the Mushroom of the Glans adds about 1/4” on each side. The girls seem to like the Girth, but I would like some extra length, about 1.25 more inches. Should I just be happy with what I have and worlk on PC excersises?


You will not loose length. But it will look skinnier, because the length:girth ratio is increasing.

With all that girth, a little extra length would be very impressive, not that you aren’t already. To start off, try the manual stretches and jelq routine that you find in the first thread of the newbie forum. You will also find video demonstrations of these exercises in the left column of the home page. Jelqing at lower erection levels, say 50-60 percent, tends to focus on the length gains.

And yes, doing PC exercises is always good. Squeeze them out any time of day.

Most guys will kill for you kind of girth. I know I would. I’m 8.5 x 6 right now, and I want 9 x 7.

Thanx for the responses guys. I never reallly thought that I had alot of girth, it always seemed normal to me. I guess all those women were telling the truth when they complained it was too big for their mouths. LOL

I will have to make some apologies someday. Naa, I just meet some new women.

Yeah purple that girth is amazing. Maybe in a year and a half I could have the same amount of girth. I think for you an extra inch would be perfect. Some women (maybe 70%) would be scared to even fuck you because a 9 X 6.75 is HUGE. And if you add another inch to are length you better believe that at least a good .25” will be added to your girth. So your dick will probably be like 9 X 7.

Which damn well maybe be too big for about 85% of women.

Well actually I know a few wives that lik eit like that! LOL It would be great to have an extra inch though.

Man if I had that size I wouldn’t even be here.

Originally Posted by T.Dog

Man if I had that size I wouldn’t even be here.

That’s what I said when I started PEing. Now I’m 7,5x6,2 and I wont quit till I reach at least 8 in lenght and girth where ever it ends up.

I think as guys we are never satisfied.

My girth is a little under 6inches I would love those extra 3/4 that you have I bet they would make a lot off difference in girth

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