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Is a 2 inch gain possible?

Regardless of anything said on this thread, I know what I gained. Only an inch so far, but I firmly believe that I could get a 2 inch gain if my wife was not against it.

My journey .... My pics

Start BPEL 6.50" x MSEG 5.00"

Now BPEL 7.625" x MSEG 5.25"


Audacia started a thread called ” all day cock ring for amazing girth gains” and quoted me in the first post on this thread.

I basically clamp, do a few jelges and wear a cock and ball ring all day and have been fortunate so far.

Originally Posted by Sophomoric
Braindrain’s gains are perhaps the most convincing on the site, but… with his start age of 19 years old and reported lack of chest hair, it horrifies me to think it may have been late development.

Eh, no way man. There is just absolutely no freaking way you can connect all or even most of bd’s gains to late stage puberty/natural growth. I could believe that maybe 1/4 of his gains could be attributed to natural growth but no more. It’s just too much to account for.

Will some one provide statistical evidence 2inches

I believe, I said math MAY not be your forte, I used words like “suppose”, & may not be”..
It’s just that my math buddies, only argue with math & stats., especially my “econ masters major oldest. She was on the debate team in college, so arguments like lots of bull shit-Er’s on the the net, although true, really are not arguments or facts. Nor is your true confession much help, other than to support your claim of liars on the net. In fact your data , I think you said is not posted on the Thunder spread sheet so no harm, no foul, fix it, and place the truth there. {Even if your data is there, you can fix it}. Cause that is what most of the fellas want.TRUTH! There are plenty of posts with NO gains, and only starting stats. There are plenty of posts also where the guy gained to his own disbelief and never pre-PE measured or measured incorrectly before he started posting “true starting size” but goes back to the first one he recorded after P.E. Several weeks, so they use that as their starting data point.. All these minor deviations, IMO do not destroy the viability of the “statistical test” for 2 inch gains. The only “test” I read using our data source was relative to the starting size of member posts, and that proved to be statistically accurate to the scientific “bone pressed” studies. So again this means the data is to be believed, from your a starting a test of 2 inch gains from a statistically sound base can also be tested. But as I suggested length gains are only part of the size factors, and ‘volume” would be a better test. Lots of folks are working “girth only” or seem to grow only in that direction.
Also two inch gains on a 4 inch penis is a 33% length change, while 2 inch gain on someone like Saiyen22 is a 15% gain. So what I am suggesting is rather than test 2 inch gains, but percentage growth in length & girth. The bell curve mean ( “control”) or high and low modes from there compute the size of standard deviations.. And out the liars.”so to speak”..
SO until then, I will accept the spread sheet data, keep telling myself that my ruler shrunk? And a guy (Higherone), who I never spoke to (except on this site) who states his beginning and current numbers are just as mine. What are the chances of that?
(Starting 5.5” x 4.5” current 7.75 x 5.25) Also, as I posted on another thread, my “scientific study flaccid pull measurement of 8” flat. So according to some of the guy’s comments on other threads, I could be just a few weeks from having an erect another length measurement increase. It’s all just amazing to me, like being in a dream. I just wish, I would have been motivated to search the Internet for a way to change my joint size 30 years ago. I think my wife might feel the same way too.

Again, now that you know an excel data spread sheet is available on Thunders and your expertise & working knowledge of “statistics”, maybe you are the ONE best suited to take up my challenge. I understand however that you may not have the time. The data does require some clean up, as there are some obvious bad posts, but the person that did the starting point test for average penis size add only a few rules on how he did the clean-up.

Pinch me now, but don’t wake me, this dream is too good!

Correction: I see Higherone does not have the same error!

The PE, it does nothing!

Running a Massive Co-Front.

2 inches gain on a 4 inches penis is a 50% change, not 33%!

you are correct, my error! I should have rechecked my math 6-2 = 4 is how I got the 33% change. Should have been 2/4.

Originally Posted by Twofister

you are correct, my error! I should have rechecked my math 6-2 = 4 is how I got the 33% change. Should have been 2/4.

Lol and you had the nerve to question my mathematical prowess.

"If you can conceive it, and you can believe it...then you can achieve it."

Formerly known as Gandolf

No pictures:

I would also like to point out the correlation between big gains and member anonymity. I understand some people’s reluctance, however a number of none-picture posting members are exhibitionists, swingers and nudists in real life and yet are unprepared to post a single picture on an anonymous forum?

A reoccurring explanation:

“Posting a picture may endanger my career”

How likely is this? Perhaps if you work in the porn industry and your unit is very recognisable you may be at risk; still I fail to see the implications of having your unit recognised on a PE forum.

I implore you all to practice a degree of skepticism and not be encouraged into potentially harmful practices based upon the unfounded claims of certain members.

Originally Posted by Kabous

Audacia started a thread called ” all day cock ring for amazing girth gains” and quoted me in the first post on this thread.

I basically clamp, do a few jelges and wear a cock and ball ring all day and have been fortunate so far.

You gained 1 inch length and 1.3 inches girth in 3 months? Were you suffering previous atrophy?

8-ball: Whatever makes you feel better sunny!

I only suggested you were not inclined to math. Never questioned you math skills.
I used that “intro” to make my point that your arguments were specious. Lacked valid facts and were not quality debating points. I also continued to discuss how you or anyone on this thread could (with some effort, much like P.E.) mathematically prove or disprove the validity of the Thunder source data.

So I don’t believe I questioned your math skills at ALL, it was you poor debating technique and lack of facts for your point of view….sunny!! So take up my challenge, do the statistical analysis “Prove your theory”

Injury: your concern for injuries to my penis ( and others) is heart warming..”not”.. But since it is MY penis I felt it was worth the risk. I have had 2 or 3 minor injuries in the short amount of time I began with P.E. I posted this on the “secret world of the small penis” where I stated I was willing to RISK not being able to have sex, if it meant I could have a bigger unit. Then on the 2 inch club thread, I posted my latest minor injury from “clamping” that I started in late January 2011. The body has a tremendous ability to heal itself, and finally a Doctor is always there as a back drop.

“PICS.” a pictures will not be proof to a skeptic, there will be lighting, angle issue etc.. for them to argue. I even read on this website where a guy was accused of using a phony ruler! Now just because people don’t want to expose themselves doesn’t make them liars. Just another “specious argument!

So I just hope to retain my 2+ inch gains, grow my girth to 5.5” from the starting 4.5”…then go to maintenance. And the skeptics with no gains can just eat cake, I posted my efforts and story,for those that want positive feedback, motivation and support. Not for bench sitters, spectators and skeptics because “generally” as in any sport they are only good at instant replay.
Maybe by then you or another will have completed the statistical effort to support your whining.

Two-Fist-er, pinch me baby just don’t wake me up from living this dream!

Twofister - there’s a significant difference between the concepts of substantiated skepticism and whining. If I wished to bewail my lot, I would do so without drawing upon the stark inconsistencies of this forum. I wish you would do away with the misconception that statistical relevance is a substitute for scientific study and documentation.

The want for privacy is understood, the want for such privacy in defiance of an individual’s self-proclaimed behavioural archetype is not.

You claim that you don’t want your unit to be posted on the Internet because of big brother, are you worried that it’s so big it’ll have to start paying taxes?

Pictures may be disputed for a number of reasons, is that a reason not to post your picture? Hardly.

He’s not going to be allowed to be that big, so he will have to be taxed for the gains.

Ok Sophomoric maybe you weren’t whining I apologize for that! As well as I understand the skepticism…I had plenty to begin with too.
You make a good point that the “statistics” won’t prove anything. But I think mathematically they could “disprove” the large gains statistically with a high degree or a significant percentile of confidence. Which is basically the same result. However, from my experience, if the bell curve fits and the stats support the gains, I don’t need scientific study and methodology. I only took the minimum required science courses so there you go! Ok you demand science. But I have read or heard about plenty of scientific drug studies that the “US FDA” approved for worthless or harmful drugs.. So there you go!

Not so much concerned with the I R S as the Home Land Security Gestapo tactics that road kills nearly every single individuals “Bill of Rights” in the name of security and the “Patriot act”. Now that is a rabbit hole! Mr Robins. I have read pieces where the Fed’s are taking down people as pedophiles or sex perverts for far less than penis pictures….such as just visiting certain sites. So why should anyone put themselves on their radar. That 1 article described how the Feds had violated peoples civil liberties over 500 times in a short period, so Congress was busy drafting a new bill so those FED actions weren’t in violation rather than clean up the Fed’s abuses.

I suppose one benefit from their actions could be the complete documentation available on breast size and flaccid penis size from the full body security methods x-raying hundreds of thousands passengers…



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