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Is a 2 inch gain possible?

I certainly HOPE a two inch gain is possible. My goal is to go from 6” to 8” if 2” gains aren’t possible, why am I even wasting my time in the first place? :P

I believe it is possible if you put the time and effort in , I have never been consistent enough and it shows. I would be consistent for a month and somehow think I had been for 6 months?

Originally Posted by OoklaTheMok
I certainly HOPE a two inch gain is possible. My goal is to go from 6” to 8” if 2” gains aren’t possible, why am I even wasting my time in the first place? :P

Well, because ANY gains are good gains, it’ll still be the biggest dick you’ve ever had. Just count yourself lucky you even know about PE, it’s not ‘wasting your time’ if you’re gaining.

I suppose that’s true enough. I’ve just always kind of been an all-or-nothing kind of guy. I think after a year or two, I’d probably give upon it if I haven’t gained at least an inch, preferably more.

Originally Posted by Sophomoric
I would also like to point out the correlation between big gains and member anonymity.

Amen brother.

another specious argument debunked?

Sure anonymity is necessary on sites of all types of forums,especially something as private sex organs, weather it is P.E. or penis, vagina ailments. If we were all so open about showing our naked bodies to the world as this argument suggests, most folks would walk around as nudist. I wonder, Mr PE Skeptic & Sophomoric, if you two go to naked parties and take pictures of yourselves and place them on say, “Face -Book, (Of course NOT!) Without out such privacy on a site such as this, I doubt this site could stay open. Even the most successful PE ‘Er’s that post pictures won’t discuss this with their best friends. It’s a taboo in society!

The skeptic’s argument above does not provide 1 single bit of evidence to support their claims. In fact, are not ALL members given anonymity, prior to signing in and then after they have become members? Therefore the correlation is in excess of 95% for both groups, (BIG gainers and Non- gainers) alike! The entire Thunders population “fits” this anonymity description!

Come on man!

You know, at the start of my PE career, about 3 odd years ago I read threads like this.

I didn’t know what progress I would make, so I decided to take photos, because loads of guys claimed gains and couldn’t back it up.

Well see my progress thread, or specifically this picture;


Yes it has been some hard work. I’ve been on and off with my routine for well over a year now because I was happy with the progress I made. I do also feel I’m lucky in terms of I had the factors in play to gain.

I’m back just to see if I can gain a little more. I may also shoot for girth.

But there it is. I’ve gained over 1 1/2 inches and the evidence is photographed above and in my thread, the good in terms of gains and the bad in terms of where I went wrong.

01/08/07: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" EG ::: 26/05/10: 7.3" BPEL, 5.4" MSEG, [My Progress Pics] - [My Routine]

Revised Min Final Objective: [/b] 7.75" BPEL (33% increase), 5.5" MSEG


On the left in yellow is the start length of your unit (6.1 inches)

In yellow on the right is the longest possible point of your glans (in my opinion) and in blue the shortest possible length of your glans. You’re also clamped and could be pushing the ruler further into your fat pad (conjecture I know)

Discounting the clamp/over-zealous ruler measurement inflation, it appears you’ve gained between 0.3 and 0.5 inches. Could this be explained away by the aforementioned measuring errors? Easily.

Lol, I don’t know why Ruz chose to upload this weird looking scaled picture but if you read his “My gains” thread you should see that he gained at least a bit over an inch.

Sorry about that Thunder, totally slipped my mind, I will repost.

I agree it is difficult to get a consistent measure. I actually find it very hard to get a maximum erection, then take the photo.

To address the points made;

1 - I believe my first picture in the comparison was taken a few weeks into doing PE. I’m not sure if I have earlier ones in my picture thread, I probably decided to use that picture because it was the best I had. Although I took pictures I wasn’t “expecting” great progress so the pictures were not great, although I attempted to use the same ruler. My starting size was around 5.75”, because I always remember measuring and having that feeling “if I were only 6”“, that is what drove me towards PE.

2 - You have to take my word I did use bone pressed to the same force (to the best of my ability) in both pictures. For the last 4 years I have worked out constantly and if “fat pad” were a factor, my body fat has been between 10-12% anyhow. I measure it each month. I looked for PE seriously after improving my body via workouts, I felt if you could get gains from bodybuilding, as I saw in myself, then maybe the logic behind PE was true.

3 - I used the clamp in the second picture to obtain a maximum erection to take as best a picture as I could in terms of keeping the erection and holding the ruler and keeping the camera steady. Obviously I knew nothing of clamping in the first picture, nor had the equipment, so couldn’t use it there.

It is true maybe the comparison pictures look “scaled” but that was me trying to equalise the width and length of each to give one photo. You will see more detail comments and pictures in my progress thread. You will see there it wasn’t all plain sailing, this isn’t a story of “I gained 1.5” in three months and it was all great”. I suspect many wouldn’t take the risks, have the time or the negatives I did to get the gains. Indeed, looking back I’m not sure I would.

I’m not here to prove anything. I know the truth myself and the gains I made are genuine, I have documented them as best I could and only posted because people seemed to be suggesting those with such gains were either “anonymous” or had “no pictures”, I am neither. However, I understand those who are dead against PE will find every and any issue to discount it, that is their choice. Deep down I am a sceptic too, but I cannot argue with the results I have seen and can only try and convince people with my evidence, if people want to disbelieve, that is up to them and really I’m not bothered.

Now ask me if I think my gains are possible for most guys, I say no. Ask me if I took silly risks and risked serious injury, yes I probably did. Would I want others to follow my path, no I wouldn’t.

The reason I’ve been out of PE for a while is because I am now much more happy with my size. If I gained nothing else I will be happy. Of course what drove me here in someways brings me back. After the rest, can I gain more? Can I make the two inch club? I have never really targetted girth, can I get to six inch girth? It is the same principle which makes me want to workout more.

01/08/07: 5.75" BPEL, 5.25" EG ::: 26/05/10: 7.3" BPEL, 5.4" MSEG, [My Progress Pics] - [My Routine]

Revised Min Final Objective: [/b] 7.75" BPEL (33% increase), 5.5" MSEG

Ruz , wow what an incredible progress you have made. I am impressed. Your results want to make me work harder.

Congrats Rus.

Love your muffin too!

I think a 2 inch gains is possible but I’m not sure it’s possible for everyone. And it depends on the effort and time people sacrifice to get there. I sure would be glad if I could achieve a 2 inch gain.


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