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Is a 2 inch gain possible?

Is a 2 inch gain possible?

Being fairly new to PE, I am optimistic that gaining 2 inches EL is possible. I actually know an MD (a urologist of all things!) who gained 2.5 inches in one year - ending up at 8.5 EL-NBP. After one month of jelqing and manual stretching, I have gained .75 inches EL and 1 inch EG. (the 1 inch EG was noticed by my wife who said “Is it my imagination or is it getting bigger?) I went from 5.5 EL and 4.5 EG to 6.25 EL and 5.5 EG. Has anyone out there actually gained 2 full inches EL? I think I heard that Tom Hubbard gained almost 2 by exclusively hanging. Any replies would be appreciated.

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those are great gains! I’ve gained close to 2 inches. I started PE in December so it’s definately attainable. You can do a search to find my progress. What are you doing for girth?….you had awesome gains there and that’s where I need to gain badly.


I am starting right about where you started. It has been more than 1 year and I haven’t changed 1mm. Can you inform me of your program? Thanks.


That’s a pretty cool name and an excellent connotation. My gains in girth came primarily through jelqing. I paid for a PE regimen through I only mentioned this because the site is run by a physician and he constantly sends me spam about the medical aspects of PE and sexuality in general. He hawks various other services, but I have only used his regimen.

I followed his instructions to the letter.

2 min moist heat application
10 stretches
2.5 min moist heat application
40 very slow jelques (he calls them milk pumps)- 3/4 erect
His instructions said to make an “O” with the thumb and index finger - milk forward very slowly (5-7 seconds each).
4 min moist heat application
Increase 25 jelques every 10 days. (I pushed it a little and am up to 150 a day)
I think the secret is to constrict the “O” as much as possible to get a lot of blood swelled up.

After jelqing, I stretch the ligs for several minutes down and out.
I also do a lot of PC exercises (Kegels). I do the short burst method of quick contractions - 50 at a time - about a 1000 a day.

I also take a herbal liquid under my tongue each morning. This increases blood flow and I will tell you in no uncertain terms that the stuff works. I’m not stating the name of the product lest someone accuse me of hawking products.

I’m about to add V stretches and hanging to my regimen.

I hope this is useful information for you.

You had some impressive length gains yourself. What was your primary routine?

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Tell us the name of the product. I formally absolve you of any hawking-suspicion.


2 inches is absolutely possible

I picked up 2 erect inches + in 2 years. I was 5.75 elbp start and am now 8 elbp. So yes you can get that kind of gain but it takes patience and a lot of work.l

2 inch gain. length

It’s possible. I got 2+ in about a year but I feel strongly that I just happen to have maleable tissue, a genetic thing, whereas most don’t gain so quickly.

I’d add to that: I was extremely focused about PE during the first year. I worked very hard, always with an eye on possible damage. I suggest you do the same.




What are the 10 stretches?

After jelqing, you stretch ligs…what is that exactly?

How often did you PE? How did you do rest days?

What is the Herb you take?


Reply to Larry33 and Pamdaga

Larry 33,

The ten stretches a just a warm-up. After an initial 2 min. moist heat, pull it out via the glans and let it drop - ten times. This is followed by another 2.5 min. of moist heat. I have been manually stretching the ligs after jelqing - 20 semi-erect strecthes holding down and out for 10 seconds.


The herbal product is called ExtremeV and is sold at It is, however, expensive - about $100 for a one month supply. I intend to use it for 1 year as I am very serious about my PE effort. I take it in the morning right before I PE and it takes effect in about 30 minutes. I believe that increased blood flow is critical for gains - especially girth.

As a side note, I took the product one morning and then stayed home from work to have a little time with my wife - with the kids out of the house. I surprised myself (and her!) with a blue steel erection - it almost hurt it was so hard.

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So you think jelquing with a full erection is best? I thought you jelqued with 3/4 erection. Why do I need more circulation if I can achieve at least a 3/4 erection? I fail to see your logic here.


r.e. Hugeness


I think that you may have misinterpreted my post. I never jelq with a full erection. All the information that I have read states that jelqing while fully erect could cause vascular damage. I always jelq at 3/4 erect (and even this level takes stimulation and effort since I don’t find jelqing really pleasureable). The reason for the herbal supplement is two-fold. One - it makes attaining the 3/4 erection easier by increasing blood flow. Two - The increased blood flow is maintained for several hours and greatly enhances healing. I have a friend that is a Urologist who also happens to PE. He is somewhat secretive about it, but he stated that like muscle building, the repeated tear down and rebuilding process (healing) is the secret to enlargement and this requires blood flow - the more the better.

I am not an MD, but as a reasonably well educated person, I can understand and agree with his opinion.

Best of luck to you.

p.s. I have enjoyed reading many of your posts!

Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!


Sorry, one more question…what is your weekly schedule? 5 on 2 off? every other day, etc? Thanks

Goingdeep, avocet8, and other 2 inch gainers

are you guys hangers or exclusively jelqers?? curious about your programs….

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I hang and have jelqed in my program. If you look in the progress reports section, you can see my routines.

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