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Is a 2 inch gain possible?


Whats your routine?

Originally Posted by jelktoid

Is a 2 inch gain possible?

In my opinion, no it’s not. But, the forum is littered with guys who claim these types of gains, so you won’t know for sure until you try.

"If you can conceive it, and you can believe it...then you can achieve it."

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Originally Posted by 8-Ball
In my opinion, no it’s not.

Why not?

Originally Posted by deusexmachina
Why not?

My opinion is based mainly on 3 things.

1)My own marginal results, despite trying very hard for years.

2)Seeing first hand, how some of the “big shots” in the PE community are completely full of shit.

3)The fact that I’ve never, not even once, seen what I consider to be a clear pic, using consistent measuring standards, that shows an unambiguous gain of 2+ inches. And I have been reading about PE online since the 1990’s.

Again, these are just my opinions, and I could be wrong. But I’d like the odds of playing the lottery better than the odds of gaining 2+ inches of size through PE.

"If you can conceive it, and you can believe it...then you can achieve it."

Formerly known as Gandolf


About 1.6-1.7” in gains, 4 years, but most of the gains where had after 2.5 years.

I’m losing weight and going to keep going down. Not sure if I’m going down to a “Reeko Like 170lbs”, but will be down 35-50lbs lower than I been in the last 15 years…

I figure the additional bloodflow and confidence should pump up my cock more.

I also believe with more motivation and work I can get the next .250” to call it 2” gains. I believe it is possible.

What are your stats 8ball?

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Originally Posted by ItzGrowing

What are your stats 8ball?

I’m in the 6.5-6.75NBP by 5.25MEG/5.75BEG range.

"If you can conceive it, and you can believe it...then you can achieve it."

Formerly known as Gandolf

Course it’s possible, it’s just going to take a lot of hard effort and lots of time.

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Inside the BELL CURVE or normal Dick range

Dog Bone: my routine is posted with my data.I believe that info is available.nothing special, just consistent beating stretching & tugging of my penis.and following the recommendations from the “lot” angle.{Which I looked up 11-12 angle range}.so I had to pull mostly down hard. I began to clamp on 1/29/11.

Well I would recommend you download the Excel data spread sheet.{except you have been on this forum a long time, whereas I have not}. I did this when I started. If you had, you would find plenty of the 2” claims of gains with the dates to the right. Now on over 11,000 lines of data, you use your soul experience to conclude that others could not be successful because you were not.huh?
The data has been examined & found to be well within normal standard deviations for typical Penis size averages I have forgotten the stat man that did the work, but his analysis is on this Forum somewhere. If the population was full of lies, the bell curve would not have “fit”, but it did. I suppose math or statistics may not be your forte, if they were your arguments could have been based from Thunders PE data derived from this source providing statistical proof for “false & misleading data” instead of your critical & anecdotal opinion!

So there is the challenge! Where is our stat guy that cleaned up the data? Let’s ask him to set up a test of gains to determine IF 2” gains are out sized beyond the population norms. Where is the center of the bell curve for length & girth! Since girth & length are two significant codependent variables, I propose that the “VOLUME’ change is the key variable to test the outlier data. Let’s find out where 2 standard deviations limits are & find out WHO is outside Thunder’s bell curve..

Until then 8-Ball:
When faced with what appeared to me to be overwhelming evidence for possible growth & gains, you deduced just the opposite.. Your logic was impeccable.

8Ball, with all due respect…. I gained 1.3” in BPEL and 1.8” in MSEG and about 12 cubic inches in volume. All thanx to this forum, my consistent effort and some luck with genetics I suppose. This in under a year. Whether you believe it or not, I suppose, won’t bother many people.

Almost 2 inches on girth!? care to explain all the details and routines please?.

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Really, I’m all ears. :)

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With 2” on girth, I would have a MONSTER´S cock. I will not go that far thought 6” inches for me and I would be a happy camper.

Ahora:Longitud: 18 BP Grosor: :littleguy avanzado a los 14 EG.

Metas:Longitud: 20 BP Grosor: 15 EG.

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If you remove the claim of huge gains by commercial accounters (their motives are definitely questionable) you are left with only a handful of people who purport significant gains that cannot be explained away by EQ or late growth.

You talk about statistical significance Twofister but… conformant gain reporting would also induce the same statistical deviance. Example: I have almost put my unit in a vice before and looked at it from every angle (including pushing my erection angle down) to see significant growth just because I see a lot of people growing and I want to be similar.

For instance: I reported a gain of 0.5” in girth, but it was mainly swelling and realistically I’ve gained about 0.2 inches in girth in two years of girth focused exercises but I wanted to believe it was more.

In length I have gained perhaps 0.3 inches in the same two years and that could easily be explained away by a higher EQ or loosening of tendons and thus a lower erection angle (illusion of more length)

I own a couple of Internet based companies (remain unmentioned), as part of our online marketing, we employ extensive SEO but also outsourced blogging and forum content generation to encourage not only user-awareness but to seed consumer confidence in the designated market-place.

If I owned a penis enlargement store, I would have a number of accounts on various forums such as Thunders all purporting significant gains, I may even employ a few people to maintain them if the ad revenue justified the overhead.

Does that mean everyone who gains is lying? No… I think a mixture of improved EQ (particularly amongst the more senior members) late growth and swelling account for a lot of recorded gains; then you include those like me who… wish to gain so badly that they may skew their results via a myriad of flawed measuring techniques and… you’re not left with much.

Sorry for the inflammatory post - it’s not directly insulting and I hope people appreciate that I’m speaking my mind rather than setting out to be offensive.

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