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Idea to prevent clamping discoloration


Idea to prevent clamping discoloration

I have been clamping lately, and have been keen on preventing darkening. To that end, I have limited my time to 5 minute sessions and then immediately after releasing the clamp, I “helicopter” my dick. That is where you try to swing it rapidly around in a circle, like a helicopter blade. I find this gets oxygen to the skin much faster and better than massage.

The discoloration is the leaking of tiny amounts of blood past the capillary walls into the skin itself. When the blood is reabsorbed the pigment Hemosiderin is left behind and slowly and permanently stains the skin. At least this is my best understanding.

I remembered, I believe it was MM that started using Hair Tie Wraps (HTW) ala Xenoliths great discovery thread on it; HTW: its a wrap

when he used the BIB hanger and found it actually started to reverse some discoloration…if I remember correctly.

So, I thought it might have a similar effect for preventing and maybe even reversing discoloration during clamping. The added POSSIBLE benefit is it may actually improve the after hang flaccid from clamping similar to the effect of “condom pumping”. Also, I believe it will give some added protection to the external blood vessels against rupture.

The possible mechanism of it preventing discoloration is that it provides some counter pressure at the skin level, which hopefully will decrease or stop capillary leakage, and the hemosiderin deposits.

Today I tried it for the first time and my skin looked much better by the time I was done.

So, a couple key points.
First, I think its smart to leave the glans uncovered so you can monitor color.
Second, don’t cut the HTW in half until you see how long you will need it to be.
Third, leave enough so you can bring the HTW right up to the glans, this will help prevent the dreaded “donut effect”.
Forth, remember to start with it rolled, like a condom. This makes it much easier to put on. Then, when you go to remove it, roll it back up to take it off.

OK, so for those of you interested in trying it, let us know your results. IF this will allow us to clamp with a little greater safety, and prevents discoloration for those that want to avoid it…we have advanced PE just one more little step.

I just finished a closer examination of Mr Johnson after todays clamping session with the HTW, and had almost no small red blotches and dots. These are small skin bleeds I get because of some of the bends and squeezes I add. Today I went a little harder than usual to test my theory, and it worked great.

Now, the question will be if it can prevent discoloration…fairly sure it will.

It is a great technique that I also use every day. It can be used after any PE exercise, not just clamping. But it still doesn’t allow you to go way overboard.

gprent - Helicopter Shakes?

I thought I read somewhere that Bib had experimented considerably with wrapping to reduce discoloration and had ultimately decided it didn’t work. Anyone got more info on that?

That said, I’m still interested, especially if it’s indeed true as Xeno states that they improve grip for manual stretching

I also noticed that I hung longer and heavier than usual after a clamp session, this is an effect that pumpers notice when using a condom. I believe the effect is very similar.

What we need are guys that are starting to get discoloration from clamping to give this a try and see if it stops and/or reverses the progress.

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Are you referring to the HTW or the Helicopter thing?

The helicopter spins. It centrifuges oxygenated red blood back into the darkened areas.

Originally Posted by gprent
The helicopter spins. It centrifuges oxygenated red blood back into the darkened areas.

Yeah, I find it works better than anything else to get the color back to normal. I think Redzulu had mentioning it in his article (MOS) is where I first decided to try it for clamping, and it really does work well.

Gprent, do you think that helicopter spins PREVENT discoloration by itself?

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Gprent, do you think that helicopter spins PREVENT discoloration by itself?

The technique works wonders for stagnation exercises like clamping and pumping where the skin darkens due to reduced oxygen levels, but when it comes to discoloration from broken capillaries, it can’t fix something that is broken. But centrifuging fresh blood into the area helps healing take place.

Oxygen is the name of the game for maximum growth, tissue health and good color.

I think the HTW can help PREVENT capillary damage during clamping, much the same way condoms help during pumping.

Like I said, I always gets some capillary damage during clamping, and today I intentionally used higher than normal pressure with my bends and squeezes. It reduced the damage my about 95%.

It also resulted in a fuller hang afterwards.

I would love to have some other guys try it and report their results.

Theoretically I think it MIGHT actually increase girth gains also…but that is a bit of a leap of logic. If it does nothing but prevent or greatly reduce discoloration, thats worth the price of admission.

I like your idea sparkyx, lets hope it works!

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Thats why I posted it here, we need guys who are clamping…and getting discoloration to give it a try and see if it at least HALTS the progress. It would be wonderful if it could also provide some REVERSAL, I believe it may be possible, but less likely.

Footeddie, are you gonna give it a try?

I’ll guinea pig for you. I haven’t been clamping long enough to have discoloration, but I can promise to helicopter after every set and see if discoloration is prevented or delayed for a while. I’ve been using the horse440 kind of squeeze to get the deoxygenated blood out, then using a couple of kegel/jelqs and then the helicopter to get things pink again.

"Life's not a bitch. Life is a beautiful woman."

Originally Posted by sparkyx
Actually, the experiment is the HTWs. Helicopters are helpful, not sure if they are enough to prevent discoloration, but worth doing!

The thread is to use the HTW WHILE clamping to prevent or greatly slow discoloration. I am doing, and will report the results.

My bad, I know it’s time to stop scanning forum threads when I start skipping past paragraphs and deducing their contents on my own. I may actually join you in the HTW experiement as well. Wouldn’t be much of a bother and it would be well worth it if any good would come of it.

"Life's not a bitch. Life is a beautiful woman."

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