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Clamping and Discoloration: Vet Clampers w/ 6mos clamping (inside!)


Clamping and Discoloration: Vet Clampers w/ 6mos clamping (inside!)

Here's the question, because comments on discoloration pop up in thread after thread as side points (I was not satisfied with the results of the Advanced Search feature).

For those who have clamped continuously for 4 months or more, have you experienced any substantial discoloration?

Also, for those replying YES, has the discoloration abated or resolved itself to any appreciable degree?

Been clamping since July ‘05 - no discoloration so far. :)

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I have been clamping since March 06 and I have some discoloration and great gains. No, it hasn’t resolved it self, since I still continue to clamp. It’s taking the good with the bad. Some clampers like drilla have no discoloration cause they don’t click the clamp as tight as they can. You need to get with drilla for some good advice on technique if you are worried about discoloration. I am married so discoloration doesn’t bother me or my wife.

Originally Posted by tntjockey

I am married so discoloration doesn’t bother me or my wife.

Could I bother your wife instead tnt? :DO:-)

"Drilla Knows Ass" - Para-Goomba

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Originally Posted by drilla9
Could I bother your wife instead tnt? :DO:-)

Hahahaha! I bet you would if you could. The lord could only help me.

Tnt could you tell how much you have gained in that 9 months or so?

Originally Posted by vkn1
Tnt could you tell how much you have gained in that 9 months or so?

I sure can, but can better explain if you read one of my recent threads.

I have reached my goals

Yes, my wife noticed my discoloration last week and asked me if I was bruised (she doesnt know Im PE’ing).

Currently I have a darkish ring about my dick about an inch from the base (in front of where two clamps hit) and another about halfway up around a large vein there. The underside of my dick is also dark.

However, my routine has been pretty intense. I clamp with 4 clamps, do lots of Jelqs, and I do clamped bends so I deserve all the discoloration I get. Just hope I make some girth soon so I can peel it.

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well..I have been clamping since August 06 and I have some discoloration…actually my penis it’s like divided in three different colors…but my gains are still great, so i don’t know what to do exactly now,any suggestion?

Hi, I have been clamping for about 4 months, and got some discolouration from it. But not that visible. My girlfriend didn’t notice it.
But she noticed my girth gains, erect, but even more flaccid. I have never been a shower. But now, I am. My package hangs nicely. I’m really glad I’ve found this site.

Then, one month ago, I begun pump/clamp, and then my discolouration increased. I switched to condom pumping and it seems to fix things up.
Now, my girlfriend has noticed my dick is getting darker. She knows I PE. So she asked if it was related. I explained it. She told me once more my size is perfect for her. She doesn’t want me to worry too much about it. She doesn’t me to hurt myself. Cute, isn’t it? I told her I PE for myself, I love what I have ( now ). I’m not obsessed, but the more I can get, the more I’ll take. My limit will be what seems comfortable for her to put in her mouth ;) I don’t want to hurt her.

So, back to the subject, I now have a nasty discolouration, mainly on the left side and under my shaft, mainly due to my clamp/pump-without-condom routine.

To fix it, I will begin the year with 1/2 months off, then begin a sort of IPR routine.
I’ve just read a thread about discolouration. The guy asked his doctor about discolouration. He said it can be fixed for about 90% with 6 months off, and using vita-k cream ( for dark circled eyes ).

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Really satisfied with my gains, but a little more flaccid would be nice. Would like to be a shower ;)

And most important : Girlfriend satisfied for about 3 years :)

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
Hey igaiury,

Give this a read when you have a minute please.

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Right Thunder,
and forgive me.

I clamped for five months back in 2005, I still have discolored spots left that wont subside. I regret that I ever tried clamping, since the gains disappeared.

Start: 6.3 BPEL x 4.5 MSEG & 4.5 BSEG

Now: 7.7 x 4.7 x 5.5 BSEG

Goal: 8 x 6

Here’s a way to get rid of discoloration that is guranteed to work, try some foreskin restoration. You don’t need to do the full process but you can grow some extra skin while the current surface folds under. You can check it out on the net for yourself.A good restorer is the CAT II

Can anyone post a picture of their discoloration from clamping?

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