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Please, Your Thoughts On This Stretching Idea

Please, Your Thoughts On This Stretching Idea

Ok fellas, if most of you don’t already know, I’m here doing research for my hubby who works 6+ days a week and very long hours each day.

When he started, time was an issue, but there was enough for him to do a really good routine in which he has seen great results (1 inch gain in length and 1/4 inch gain in girth WOW!). However, he no longer has the time for this routine, and his gains have stalled.

I posted a thread recently asking for help and thankfully you guys were kind enough to give your two cents (which is greatly appreciated). Well here I am agian with what is hopefully is a good solution, (based on advice that I received) and I was wondering if you lovely gentleman/ladies would be kind enough to throw your two cents in again. :)

The Mr. had decided to purchase a device (he didn’t have the time to construct one, or maybe he just didn’t want to) to help aid in his PE efforts. However, when I showed/told him about the cost of these devices he changed his mind. However, he didn’t say he would make one, I think he just decided to forget about it.

So here’s the thing, I would like to make him something (he seemed down that they were so costly) or present him with an idea for something that he could use at home (he didn’t like the idea of pe’ing at work) that was simple to use (and affordable).

Ok, here is my idea, a modification of the Legstender with the aid of a handcrafted (by me) heating pad.

Details are as follows:

1. The modifications to the Legstender would be: 1. the attachment to the leg, maybe use a longer piece of
velcro so that it is very adjustable in that it can be attached to the left and right shoulder (and upward
stretch), 2. add maybe 2 S-hook kind of things with a longer string so that it can be adjusted to wrap
around the hips and attach to the legs for a left and right stretch.

2. The handcrafted heating pad would consist of a rice pad (which is called a rice sock here) a large version
of what I’m talking about would be to take two kitchen towels and sew them together at all ends except
the opening, sew in rows (pockets) vertically and fill each chamber with rice, then sew the end closed.
(this version is so great for back aches and such) Now for the “penise pad” this would be custom made for
size of stretched penis. To keep the pad warm, my thoughts are using some heat retaining material such
as neoprene or spandex to gently wrap around the pad to retain the heat for a longer period of time. Now
several of these pads would be made, with the rows sewn in opposite directions, one vertically one
horizontally, to be used alternatingly when changing positions so there would be an even distribution of
heat throught the entire exercise.

3. I don’t know what a good time frame would be on this, how long to stretch in each direction for example,
10 minutes, 20….etc. My thinking is that what ever is comfortable.

This of course goes in conjuntion with Jelqing in hot shower for however long he has each day with day off.

Please keep in mind this is just an idea, it looks good on paper to me. But before I present this idea to the Mr. I would really appreciate your thoughts on this, I mean, is this even a good idea, will it even work? I know that there just has to be flaws, so please your advice would really be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much

Oh, one more thing, would it also help or even be safe if he used Enzyte (three month supply gathering dust in closet) again?

I know that it doesn’t help in gaining size, but it does work pretty well with erections, making them harder and so forth. Now the research that I’ve done tells me that pills really don’t work on there own, exercising is what does the trick. However, according the the Enzyte info, basically (as my understanding goes) it helps fill the chambers with more blood which is what makes the erection harder, fuller, etc.

And the theory behind taking pills and exercising is that as you exercise you are increasing the area (chambers etc) in which blood is to fill, the pills, increase the amount of blood which is sent to the “area” and the combination of the two increases size (is that right?).

Anyway, it’s just another thought/question?


Lovely to know that you both have an interest, rather than most guys who really hve to do it in the closet.

Any I’m not sure I can help much with the idea you have as II’ve not tried that particular route.

The point of my post is Forget the pills. All they are are aphrodisiacs, which would be cheaper to get the ingredients. (have a look at the
supplememnts forum for ideas there.

But I wish you luck in your quest. Hopefully you will have something of value to all of us - (Unless its so good you want to market it!


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You’re Crazy! There, now that we have that reaffirmed, I’d say give your idea a shot. I’m not too clear on the actual attachment to the penis method and the use of an ads using light tension like that has some non-believers, but as long as circulation isn’t too diminished and can be monitored, I’d give it a shot. Make it as easy to use as possible as the more difficult to put on and take off, the less likely it’d be used. If you need any neoprene, I have yards of it I’d be happy to donate to the cause. :)

This is fucked up.

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

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