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Hope I don't get banned for this one

This thread is the reason why obsessing over the size of your cock is fucking retarded. If it grows it grows if it doesn’t oh fucking well. I can tell you this, if you actually do this and fuck up your dick you will be crying yourself to sleep for a long, long time. If you think you have self-esteem issues now just wait until you can’t get it up or you have pain every time you have an erection and can’t have sex. Not being able to get it up is worse than a 2 inch dick and I’m not saying that for your esteem, it’s so true it’s not even funny. When you can’t get it up, having sex becomes like trying to shoot pool with rope.

Pictures would help.

Ticktickticker was shooting his ligs with cortisone. He is a doctor.

Anyway that would be the same effect as your needle piercing, with the added effect of the cortisone ligament weakening.

Despite this extreme experiment, I don’t think he gained from it.

Let me go find the link.

Horny Bastard

Originally Posted by T-rex
But seriously, sticking a straight pin in your body about a quarter of an inch is not going to paralyze you or handicap your dick. At least not in
The section I’m talking about.

What if it causes a scarring reaction, and it makes your problem worse?

I recommend the Static Stretcher, read the thread on it. I think this method will work for you if you don’t pull too tight, and try to wear it all day, even 24 hours a day.

Originally Posted by mravg
Ticktickticker was shooting his ligs with cortisone. He is a doctor.

He’s a doctor, actually?

Well, I haven’t checked is diploma, but he says he is a doctor and he talks like a doctor……………

You never really know in these internet forums, but in the case of TTT, I’m leaning toward believing him based on what I have read of his posts.

Horny Bastard

Yes, TTT is a serious and honest man, and you can belevie in what he says (he’s from Germay, right?); I just was kiddying: he is a Doctor after (and dispite) that experiment?:)

No one else said it, I guess I will. Don’t do it! Very bad idea. Not worth the risk.

The only thing your going to do it put a bunch of deep puncture wounds to your ligaments. Which will cause an infection. An infection to any of your extremities is bad. especially when it is in your bone or ligaments. So, if you want to cause a deep infection that could rage beyond the control of even a doctor go for it. Snip, Snip… infection is all gone….

You need to do it and tell us what happens.

Originally Posted by Monty530
penis harikari.

I could be mistaken (ok, not really) but, I believe that is hara kiri. Literally: hara- abdomen , and kiri- cut. It’s the vulgar term for sepuku. Harikari is an American bastardization.

In all seriousness, do not do it. A) when a doc cuts you he has to have you do traction or it will be counter productive. He has all the modern medical paraphanailia to keep you from getting infected, and it still can get fucked up. Add to that , puncture wounds are far worse than cuts. They are twice as likely to get infected and much harder to porperly clean and keep that from happening. If you feel surgery is needed , go to a doctor. Don’t do it yourself, unless you go to medical school and get your degree first. It isn’t worth the risks.

Painkiller , you sound like a guy watching a “jumper” on the roof and urging him to jump for kicks.

Originally Posted by shooter35

No one else said it, I guess I will. Don’t do it! Very bad idea. Not worth the risk.

Actually, lots of people said it.

Horny Bastard

I think many of us are incredulous that someone would consider this…is this based off some legitimate medical procedure to stretch ligaments? If it is a theory constructed from various sources of information I’d recommend not doing it; too many people seem to think that if something is written down it has some semblence of truth.

Actually, I’d recommend not doing it at all. If you’re not a doctor, and haven’t done it before, and aren’t an expert in human physiology, this is just idiotic. The only positive I could see coming from it would be in a stricly Darwinian sense; preventing the reproduction of whatever genes could contribute to such decision making. Don’t be that guy! :)


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Goals: 8' NBPEL, 6' EG, 21' NBPSFL

Well, I knew I’d get some serious criticism for this post but I guess I can say that most of the time my common sense kicks in before I do
Something drastic. Some were pretty tough on me regarding it, but until you have walked in some one else’s shoes, possessed the exact
Same size unit, and received the exact same criticism from a bitter x. You really don’t know, yeah I feel I’m desperate but not stupid or anything.
Some who spoke probably have got some gains or some progress to show for. Well as for me, none after about five years and it’s not that I’m
Not spending the time or not doing things properly. I really believe some of us have ligs that refuse to budge, it’s really frustrating to hang for
Long periods of time and feel the fatigue and soreness and think yes this is what I want. Also to put on the penimaster for extended hours
Afterwards to try to keep things extended and nothing. I mean I have clocked some serious hours with that penimaster, I know it is supposed to
Create growth from within the shaft and not the ligs but dam. Few can bare that thing as long as I can, sometimes I’d wear that dam thing for
The entire 8 hours at work with about 2 10 minute breaks.

At this point it’s just stupid to keep hanging regardless of soreness, I guess I have no choice but to try and fork over the money for surgery.
I just don’t want to go through what 8Ball had to go through. Now I dare somebody to try and tell me that sticking a pin or needle a quarter inch into the lig is worse than 8Ball’s ordeal, and at the same time paying thousands of dollars to those butchers.

No offense 8Ball if you read this, just really sympathized with your whole ordeal.

I hope they finance, and the funny thing is I’m not going to be one of those ridiculous patients that expect to wake up with an 8 inch dick. I just want these fuckin shackles (suspensory ligs) sliced so my hanging and penimaster wearing means something.


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