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Corticosteroid injection in the ligament

Corticosteroid injection in the ligament

Has anybody experience with direct injection in the ligament in order to weak the lig for stretching or hanging?

If so, which substance, and effect?

Cortisone is known to weaken collagen - that should facilitate our effort!

Later - ttt

Interesting idea-however ligaments gains are very limited. It would be much better to find injection that weakens tunica itself.

Sounds risky. And the pain. God, I hate pain :(

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Not a good idea.

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Originally Posted by disi

Interesting idea-however ligaments gains are very limited. It would be much better to find injection that weakens tunica itself.

I am afraid the tunica is too thin - you would most likely miss it with the needle. The ligs are thick enough to have the stuff right inside of it.

Later - ttt

Let us know how your experiment goes doc. :)

Originally Posted by westla90069
Let us know how your experiment goes doc. :)

I read a bit about cortisone injections into ligs and tendons and in peyronies disease (curvature). Intratendinous inj. Are not recommended! Because of the risk of tearing off the bone attacment. If I am correct penis surgery specifically consists in cutting off the ligs, so in the case of pe the intra-lig injection (with subsequent hanging) would probably result in weakening of the tissue. The worst side effect would be tearing off which would be no catastrophe in our situation (hopefully).

I checked the anatomy and it turns out that the arteries and nerves come frome inside the pelvis. Therefore, an injection well above the pelvic exit of the penis should not harm these “vital” structures.

My experiment - wait: I finally meet my gf who was in vacation for 10 days and then - overlapping - me out of the country for a few days. So I will firs welcome that girl before starting experimentation.

I also read that there is some experience with injection of

- Calcium blockers
- Hyaluronidase
- Collagenase (not a pharmcy drug in germany)
- Interferon alpha

Later - ttt

Ok - I’ll try the cortisone injection in my lunch break.

I’ll lay down in may bed, put the hanger on (straight down with 3 pounds to get it all well stretched (my major concern is an inj. In the dorsal nerves or arteries.

After thorough disinfection then I will inject the root of the ligs close to the bone - sort of infiltrate it at multiple locations, before every little shot I will aspirate (pull the lever of the syringe) to make sure that I am not within a blood vessel.

I won’t use local anesthetics because I want to feel what I am doing even if it hurts.

Guys - it’s 9:15 am over here, injection time is 1:45 pm, so hold me back if you think I am about to comity dickuicide.

Later - ttt

Originally Posted by ticktickticker

Guys - it’s 9:15 am over here, injection time is 1:45 pm, so hold me back if you think I am about to comity dickuicide.

The fact that you are asking this rings alarm bells for me.

If you are going to do this, please make it as scientific as possible. For example, make sure you know your starting stats under all the loads you will use after injection so that you have a progress measure.

The effects of corticosteroid injections last for a considerable time. Where athletes I am working with have had corticosteroid injections, the significant reduction of biomechanical properties of the ligaments means I will not recommend vigorous/full load rehabilitation until after a minimum 6 weeks after injection.

How have you decided on:

Which steroid are you using?

What strength?

What dosage?

If you have really thought this through, have done your research and still want to go ahead with it, at least inject under ultrasound so you can see where you are putting the needle.

If you are having any second thoughts, don’t do it until you have stopped having second thoughts. With all these things there is a risk/reward ratio. The risks may be acceptable to you to discover if there is reward to be had, but go into it with your eyes fully open.

Thanks firegoat - I appreciate your very intelligent and compassionate comment.

And yes, I have the stats, chosen the compound (a depot corticosteroid on palmitate base, non-cristalline, so I hope it will stay there but risk of damage probably lower than with cristalloid-depot.

Later - ttt

Good luck, and I look forward to reading your results over the coming weeks. :)

Weeks firegoat?

- This is a one year project, aim is at 20 cm, starting stat is 18.2 pbel measured right after the first inj (I lost a little since the last measurements due to my frenulum prob).

It went all well, I injected through one skin hole at 3 different levels, highest at bone insertion, 5 mm down, 10 mm down: middline, 5 mm right and left of midline.

Minor pain, no numbness, excellent erection quality right after the procedure.

After the injection I hung 2.75, 5.5, 8.25, and 12 up and down in 5 min steps and then 3 pe-rings for a few hours.

I will repeat the inj. Every 4 weeks, and according to the progress I will add some more pharmaceutics with calcium blockers being hottest on the list.

Later - ttt

Every 4 weeks? Watch out for a stacking effect.

I would expect decreases in maximum failure load and energy absorption prior to failure suddenly accelerating after the first 3 or 4 injections. Obviously the pull-apart failure of the collagen fibres is what you are after, but you want it to happen gradually. Corticosteroids reduce the healing speed as well as the tensile strength of collagen, and an injection every 4 weeks is going to result in very little healing so the weakening effect may accelerate sharply.

Pull apart failure would be good, but a sudden full separation with lots of weight hanging would not.

Firegoat, - full separation would be the equivalent of penis surgery without surgery - a concept that I like in a way. Althoug - I agree that it would be nicer to keep the lig *s*. I think that if I measure on a weekly basis or so I should be able to get a feel of when it starts to get weaker in which case I can decrease hang time and/or weight. I’ll keep you posted.

Later - ttt

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