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Hope I don't get banned for this one


I think you can trust this source:

from page 3:

“Severing of the suspensory ligament enables the penis to extend closer to its erect length while flaccid. But this is not a guaranteed result. Some men will not gain any length or will experience a shortening due to fibrosis (shrinkage and toughening of tissues). Many doctors who perform penile enlargement and lengthening suggest that their patients buy a “Penile Tissue Expander” (Ken Jons, undated). The Expander “promotes the healing of the penis in the most outward position.” The device consists of a weight system taped onto the penis to be worn six to eight hours daily. The patients are advised to start using the Expander five days post-op and continue indefinitely. One man wrote Ken Jons and asked why his penis seems more flexible at the base. Other questions involving sexual activities were also printed in the “Penile Tissue Expander” article. This implies that there are pertinent sexological issues that need to be investigated thoroughly. “

It’s a wrong deduction that if Penimaster wasn’t useful for you, then penile surgery would be a waste of money?

Oh that was not what I was trying to say, I was saying that the penimaster is useless to me now. Until the ligs are clipped, than it can actually help

The shaft grow. I really feel that after all the years of work, it feels like my unit is longer than what it is. Like if the ligs were clipped right here right now it would extend an inch immediately.

I wrote a thread where I discussed the sequence of forces that are conducive to gains, and sequences that work against you. (Force Thresholds)

If you have toughened your tissues with high forces, then immediately went into a low force approach like the penimaster WITHOUT a decon of proper length, then you will see no result.

If you are properly deconed, yet go quickly past your growth zone into a contraction reaction zone, you will get toughening and shrinkage and no growth.

I find that many hard or no gainers don’t need more force and time, on the contrary, many times they need a serious decon break followed by a very modest approach.

Before you have someone or yourself cut into your penis, please read the three threads listed at the bottom of this post…what have you got to lose but a little time. It just might help you find where you have gone wrong, and let you start to make some gains.


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