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Hope I don't get banned for this one


Hope I don't get banned for this one

Man, I have been having this crazy, I mean crazy urge lately. Many don’t know my eternal struggle with PE to get
Some length gains. I’ve done it all, hang for long periods, pump daily, wear penimaster for 8 hours a day sometimes.
Taken long breaks, I mean everything. But my left susp lig pulls a little tighter than the right, I would bet it’s responsible
For about 3/4 of an inch on it’s own.

And please before I get any common sense advice, believe me I’ve been at this for about 5 years all together and the dam thing won’t

So, I have the urge to hang upward to the right over my weight lifting bar, like a pulley type system. Take 2 pain killers and slowly pierce the left susp lig. About 5 times to weaken it dramatically. I know this sounds ridiculous, but it’s right there under the skin the straight pin wouldn’t have to go further than 1/4 inch in. To me it’s not much worse than acupuncture but with vicodin.

Yes this is frustation talking, but any body who has these same limiting factor as I do, for as long as I have had will understand. That if
That is what is stopping you, you might as well hang it up cause this thing ain’t budging. I’m waisting my time with the penimaster for instance because this lig is stronger than that dam penimaster, but if the lig was weakened it wouldn’t be.

Lastly, to me this is much safer than going to some quack and being put under anasthesia for 6 thousand dollars, hoping to not wake up to a frankenstein dick.

Sounds like a good idea. I mean the worst that could happen is fucking up your dick for the rest of your life…

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I don’t even know what to say. If you must mess with cutting anything at least go to a surgeon that does that kind of thing. I’m hoping your just yanking our chains though.

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That sounds unsafe. If you really have big of a problem like that I think 6grand might be worth of investing in your problem. But if you do decide to go thru with it *fingers crossed* hope it works out. Oh and let us know what happens.

Your method is a very good idea. Try it out and let us know what happens.

Dude who gives a fuck about your ligs? Stretch your tunica! There, now you don’t have to kill yourself for that extra inch. Just curious what are your stats?

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Meh, doctors do it, only with a scalpel; it can’t be that bad. Just make sure the needle is clean.

T-rex, does your penis point to the left? I think I have the same thing going on with my ligs.

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Originally Posted by painekillah
Your method is a very good idea. Try it out and let us know what happens.

If by that you mean a very bad idea and no f’kin way should you try it, I agree.

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Nice post Klayton.

Call Dr. Gary Alter and he will cut your ligs the right way if you feel like this is your limiting factor. I’m still not sure if your post is a joke or not.

Don’t go to a doctor. Doctors will mess your penis up for life. You are better off doing it yourself.

Wow, cool Idea, I’m going to cut my spine with a knife, then hang on a bar, to see if I can get taller!?



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Originally Posted by _Phoenix_
Wow, cool Idea, I’m going to cut my spine with a knife, then hang on a bar, to see if I can get taller!?

It really works I did it before. That combined with these “special” pills I bought for only 2,000 has made be grow over a foot in height. I think my hearing got better as well but it might be a placebo effect.

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