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Heat and scrotum

Heat and scrotum

Heat on your scrotum is not good for your sperm cells. But would heat be harmful for the sperm factory (balls etc.)?

I’m asking this because I am thinking of applying heat on my penis all day long, while wearing a all day stretcher.

I do not want kids in the next couple of years, so if the heat kills my sperm, I don’t care. But I definitely don’t want my balls get injured.

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How hot are you planning?

I think that a temperature over a natural temperature (like 110F very max?) to any part of the body for very prolonged periods of time would be a bad idea. All of our proteins are designed to work within the fairly specific body temperature range. Many short intervals of heat seems like a much better idea to me.

Also, I should hope you are not planning to use some kind of electrical heating pad down there for such a long time because I’ve heard electrical blankets and heating pads should not be used for prolonged periods of times. Probably a cancer risk or something.

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Hey vanloon, good to see you back :up:

To me it looks like a bad idea. There is a reason the balls exist, to lower the temperature of the sperm, which enhance the health of the sperm, so you will have a better chance of replicating your genes. If you make the balls warmer, you could damage your balls which could lead to a lower replication value and even lead to infertility. I am not saying that it would happen it is just not worth the risk.

Birds, does it mean we have to keep the balls out of the heat? What about massaging the balls?
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It may not be a good idea, because it may affect your testesterone production (i,e; erections) either.

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Originally Posted by daboogies
Birds, does it mean we have to keep the balls out of the heat? What about massaging the balls?
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Yes, keeping them out is the most safe way to go.

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