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Penis growing faster than skin => tight scrotum.

Penis growing faster than skin => tight scrotum.

Anybody else experience this?

I have started a regular jelqing+stretching routine and am experiencing a growth spurt (Oooh Yeah!). However my penis is growing faster than my skin. My scrotum sometimes get so tight I barely can finish my jelqing session, I think I have gained quite some base girth lately because of the stretching. My penis is also looking more and more like a cut penis when I am erected because my foreskin isn’t keeping up. The latter isn’t really a big problem yet, but the tight ball sac really bothers me. Is the only solution to the problem to start stretching my scrotum? Or is there other things to do? Right now it would only be painful starting to stretch it, should I apply heat to loosen it up and then start some stretching? Help!

I might have sex tonight for the first time in a month and with another girl. So I might be a little tense and this might contribute to the tightness of my scrotum. Anyway I have experienced earlier to get one of my balls up on the side of my shaft when I am banging away. I Would really like to avoid that again, it was quite akward getting it back..!

I’m feeling like a freak, thanks!

NB! I know I really shouldn’t be whining when I am finally gaining again, but I can’t use my dick as normal!!

If it is just a matter of your penis growing faster than your foreskin try some stretching exercises that cut guys who are restoring their foreskin use. Have a look at this link for details.

Http://…outMethods.html or do a Google search for foreskin restoration.

Oh by the way method 7 seems to work best for me.

Don’t forget, you are in Norway. Last time I was there is was pretty damn cold. That is probably one of the reasons why your “boys” are so tight all the time.


Observe... learn from other people's mistakes.

Marc_O, Thanks.

JAPP, yeah maybe I should knit myself a penis warmer in wool or something. So where did you stay in Norway? Here in Bergen it’s pretty ok temperature, around 10-15 degrees of celcius now, but I swear it must rain about 300 days a year..

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