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Hi to all… Do you feel your testicles go out from the body as the dick is lengthened by PE. I think this is a direct consequence of stretching, my balls look like moved a bit from the pubic region to the shaft.

Re: Testicles

Originally posted by teoman
Hi to all… Do you feel your testicles go out from the body as the dick is lengthened by PE. I think this is a direct consequence of stretching, my balls look like moved a bit from the pubic region to the shaft.

After gaining my first 1/2” I started to notice that the skin attaching my scrotum to the underside of my shaft seems to be moving outward. I attribute it to my penis growing out faster than the skin can be stretched. A positive sign of growth; however, I sometimes find it a pain when Jelquing since the excess skin makes it more difficult to get a good grip at the very base. I’m not sure if there are any specific exercises to help stretch this area of skin back to its original state. Maybe one of the vets could give some ideas.

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A concern of mine.

This seems to be happening to me too. I hadn’t really noticed it before, but it has become more noticeable lately with my recent gains, I suppose.

It is very noticeable from side on, and makes the shaft appear shorter than it is, or more like I have gained sweet F.A.

Perhaps with time the skin will ‘creep back’.


It seems a normal occurence, as it is easier for your increased shaft length to pull skin from the path of least resistance. Fortunately, skin is easily stretch. What I do from time to time is get erect, then pull my skin down my shaft, really concentrating on the underside of the penis, to put the ball sack attachment point back to normal. Usually doesn’t take too many days, so I don’t worry too much about it. When I hit my goal, I’ll return my sack to normal :)

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I rememeber reading about foreskin restoration where a man would pull the remaining skin he had up over the penis head. Or at least as far as he could. Then tape it with scotch tape, and keep it there 24/7. Over the time of a weeks to months, the skin grew back to an uncircumsized penis. Maybe you could tape the skin where the scrotum meets teh shaft back and get similar results.

scrotum stretching

Before I found Thunder’s and the PE Forums I belonged to a paysite program (Brandon Reese’s program) and one part of the program was stretching your scrotum so you would develop low hanging balls. The excercise went something like this: while flaccid take your left hand and grasp your penis like you are getting ready to do a straight up manual stretch (stretching up toward your chest). Next take your right hand and make an “O.K” sign (palm facing down) around where the scrotum attatches to the base of your penis. Your balls and scrotum should now be on the palm side of your right hand and your penis base on the top side of your “O.K” sign grip. Now GENTLY pull upwards with your left hand AND downwards with your right hand. You should feel an intense skin stretch where the scrotum attatches to your shaft. It dosn’t take much pulling effort. If you pull too hard dawnward with your right hand I think it starts to put a lot of pressure on your nuts and hurts. This excersice mainly hits where the scrotum attatches to your shaft and should help with the problem of your balls appearing to being pulled forward.

There was also a second excercise which helped enlarge the whole scrotum. If I remember correctly you grasp the scrotum with your fingers right below your balls and gently pull downward. You may have to push your balls up as high as they will go in your nut sack and then grab the excess scrotum skin so you have enough to grab and hold on to. Anyway this should help stretch all the scrotum and lead to your balls hanging lower also.

Hope I explained things clear enough. FYI: For me I found these to work best when taking a hot shower. The heat from the hot shower allows a good hang and therefore more skin to grab and the ability to do these excersices effectivly.


Hey, I havent seen your name for a while on here, You should post more!

I did the same thing before I found PEForums, I too think it is much better to do in the shower, and you dont get as sore either.

Good Luck

I find my testicles hang about the same as before my start of PE. I do scrotum stretching too after good wrap up and the jelging. Pull my penis right and testicles/scrotum left and then left, right about 25 to 50 times. Also stretch my scrotum skin out, down right then left, massage testicles. End with a good warm down with face cloth and wide mouth tall plastic

cup. When my Spa is open, its great to do these PE and stretches after my member and scrotum gets warm up in the hot water. I seems to get more results wit Spa warm up then in my bathroom and cup/ cloth warm ups.

Thanks guys for your responses, i think it is a common feature of PEing and can be compensated over time. Now it is easier to guess if the porn stars that we see in those films are PEing or not, because I have seen some guys with such testicles that reminded me PE. So, probably they have PEed.

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