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Has anyone gained using the O-BEND?

I did o-bends for a while while I was experimenting with clamping. Ended up doing something strange to one of my veins in my foreskin - it kind of puffed up like it was full of something solid, so I quit PE for a while. Eventually I kind of squished the solid stuff around until it loosened up and the vein went back to normal…still kind of wonder what it was sometimes. Anyone experience this?

Anyway, when everything was said and done I don’t remember getting any noticeable gains, though I do remember the exercise providing a great pump and a nice thick flaccid for a long period after doing it.

I have a theory that the O-bends work best when done ALONE or with minimal other exercises, or at the end of a routine rather than at the beginning.

I have been experimenting with a new type of routine that involves several smaller workouts during the day (no warm up) as apposed to one large workout - thus far there has been no noticeable gains in erect measure, but my FSL has increased by about .3, but like I said, still experimenting. Going to add some O bends and see what kind of results I get.

Ive been planing on starting a thread about my new type of routine, but need to do some more experimenting first to see if it is worth sharing or not.


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Originally Posted by man-of-10
Has anyone ever tried doing jelqs while pushing the penis head towards the base (through the line of the shaft, so the penis remains completely straight). Almost like shortening the penis while jelqing. I have a feeling that it would work great to remove all pressure from the outer tunica so that the inner tunica could be isolated and stressed. When I do this, I notice that the girth increases alot during the exercise, i would say probably to at least 5.6”+ (I am 5.4” MSEG)…


It varies a little, but it seems to be what you are talking about:

Flaccid girth exercise

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yes i have gained some fro o-bends

I did them for about 3 months from may to july (3 months) and stopped then cause my EQ went way down from too much. I would say that my base length (when i’m doing cardio ecxercise regularly, this makes a diff.) is now 7” where it was 6” 3/4 before i started. The girth has definitly improved but i havnt measured it (i’d estimate about 0.125 of an inch). Keep in mind that this is what i have now. I had more at the time but it went back a little but not all the way. I think that in three to four month stints is the best and then rest for the same again. It allows the tissue damege to heal in it’s enlarged state and soften up again for another round of fattening up.

I have been using O-bends. The first two times I did them, my wife said WOW! When I showed her my erection - I though I had hit PE paydirt! But I found my dick quickly got immune to them. They are very powerful, and more study is needed. I am going to start a thread on them at some point - when I have something definite to say…

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I had no idea that there was a name for this, but this is what I have been doing and I have gained 3/4 inch in length and 1/4 in girth over 5 months by incorporating these into my jelqing and stretching after using an extender for 3 to 4 hours a day.

I got the idea from looking at the pics of the sadsak slinky and plumped bend video from the newbie routine series. At the time, registration was closed to new members, therefore I couldn’t see the videos, just the stills. I was going to call this fulcrum jelqing, as you bend the penis over a fulcrum (your fingers/hand) while jelqing with a partially erect penis. It is really an intense stretch/exercise and I think works great.

Obends are static - you bend and hold it there. No jelqing going on at the same time.

regards, mgus

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- Update

I have been doing o-bends every day now for 10 - 15 min.
And I can SEE bigger pumps after every session. I wonder if it will also show in my EG ( will it? )

In my previous post I said I could HARDLY get mine to fit in a toilet paper roll,
This time I couldn’t even get the head in :D

I’m pretty excited!

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I had gain at least .20 of an inch with this babies.

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Just one word.. Discipline.

I don’t do them much these days because they a bit too intense sometimes and I ‘m scared to break something. Anyway, when I did do them there was a girth increase to some degree.

I've been told there a new 'confidence' in my step!!!!

I have posted that in the first thread, but I’ll repost.

I believe that O-bends have two main effects:
First, they make tunica more malleable and easy to stretch both length and girth-wise.
Second, they actually provide some lengthening in both directions. But, they are less efficient at that than other exercises. That would explain why combining them with other exercises has very good effect. Also, I believe that jelq before bends would make the first effect even more pronounced.

I plan to use them, but I have to take care not to push into girth area - now, I only want length. Less load, only 5 minutes, no more, and then new city jelq. Also, I have noted that there are two ways to bend - one to bend and pull - kind of more length load - another to bend and push dick back into body - that makes for more girth expansion. I have to go the first way.

So, is the O-Bend expanding girth for one small portion of the penis at a time, like, just the part that is bent? And you work up and down the shaft? Or are you getting girth expansion equally up to the tip from where you bend at?

Mostly where you bend. It has a direct effect there on tunica too. Below and above it’s more the inner blood pressure type expansion.

But You can vary it the way you bend. Downward or upward have a different effect. As do right or left focused.
Just try it gentle at first.

Originally Posted by Nevod
I Also, I have noted that there are two ways to bend - one to bend and pull - kind of more length load - another to bend and push dick back into body - that makes for more girth expansion. I have to go the first way.

Good observation. The bend and then push back into body creates very good expansion also below the bent.


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