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Great technique to reduce erection while PE'ing

Great technique to reduce erection while PE'ing

I’ve been PE’ing for around a month or so and have had trouble with my erection getting harder as I jelqed. This isn’t usually a problem for most guys, but it is for me, and I’ll tell you why: I’m 18 years old, my glans seems sensitive, and I’m extremely horny (:

Anyway, I thought I’d share this technique so that other guys may benefit. It applies the following principle: If areas of your body other than your penis are demanding blood, your erection will go down. In this case, we’re going to divert blood to the legs.

Here’s how it’s done.

1) Start jelqing in a standing position.
2) If you feel your erection getting too hard, bend your legs into a slight squatting position. Hold it there until you feel some tension building up. You can then move your legs slowly up and down to get the blood pumping to the large muscles in your thighs. After a while you’ll really feel it. Keep jelqing while you’re doing this.
3) If you have good balance then you can also go slightly on tip toes and get your calf muscles going too. Be careful not to fall over though. That might reduce your privacy slightly.

Once your erection has subsided to the level you want it at, you can stand up normally again.

Reading that may have conjured up a humorous mental image in many of your minds, but it works! :)

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I just sneak down the hall to my parent’s bedroom and secretly watch them get it on through a crack in the door. Then I jelq.

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I sit down when I jelq.

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That is actually not a bad idea and can be used during sex as well to delay orgasm.

For example hold yourself up with your arms partially bent to create a burn in your biceps.

Kidding aside. I’ve always agreed with the OP. It just makes sense.

It’s kind of the same thing as working out with a full stomach…I don’t know if anyone here has ever tried it, but it’s tough. Your body has to divert a lot of blood to the digestive system so there’s not as much for your muscles.

I also wonder if this is the same reason that my penis turtles up whenever I’m at the gym(also the only time it does that!). Maybe so much blood is being pumped into my engorged muscles that, there’s none left for my penis?

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A sitter’s technique: Stand, walk around, stretch your legs a bit. Sit, wait three seconds. Continue exercise.

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You young guys have it all. Here at my age of 58+, my problem is keeping blood in my tool and you guys are suffering trying to keep it out. ENJOY YOUR YOUTH. It will not always be the way you describe.

Originally Posted by thinktank
You young guys have it all.

Thank you, but we envy your experience and knowledge.

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I never get horny just by jelqing.

HAHA. I’m reminded of an excercise somebody posted by DLD. I think it had something to do with stomach crunches while stretching.

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