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PE can cause erection probs temporary?

PE can cause erection probs temporary?

I wonder. I never had probs getting hard erections than lately, in less than a week. Last night I ended to hotel with woman, she was not too hot and was bit older but she was willing and so was I. I’ve no much experience. Well we went to the room and undressed. I really wanted to fuck but now i had troubles getting my dick more than 60-80% hard, especially I couldnt feel the pleasurable pressure on the head which should be to reach full erection :( I was little too excited also but i relaxed soon better, still no affection. Good thing this woman was experienced and naughty too.. she used hands and mouth too to get better erect for me now this should really affect (yup, i licked too and she liked it)! But still no good result maybe 80%.. I was like, “shit i wanna fuck whats wrong”. Well with that erection however we luckily managed to get it in and things going so it grew but only when i started to move, it was great and lasted 45min-almost hour but i never came, i held too long till dick got too tired and slip off.. heh. She said she had enought and was fine with it, i wouldve wanted to cum though. Never hold too long! Anyway. after that we tried later again but it didnt get erect at all.. whats this. I wonder if PE can affect it temporary erection negatively. Ive done it like week without breaks before last night (but not too hard, despite few days longer sessions). I noticed I couldnt get decent hard erection nor feel the right pressure on head day or two before the hotel night too when i tried masturbate but back then I thought it was just not good time or it was bad day. Obviously not. Ive always before got decent erect when ive felt like masturbating but either today I couldnt either…. not good. Ill lay off PE now some days and see wether the situation gets better next week. I feel like bit worried though, anyone else has had same probs while PE season or might reasons be something else?

Loss of erection strength can be a sign that you are jelqing too intensely, or too long, but it is temporary and you will recover once you give it a rest and then jelq more moderately.

Remember, your cock is not used to all of this jelq attention, so you have to take it easy a first and slowly build up your conditioning level.

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