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changing erection angles

changing erection angles

Hey all, I know that this topic has been touched upon recently but I just had a few comments and questions. As far as I can remember and up until now, my erection angle has been between 8 and 9 o clock position, depending on my fullness of erection. I’m a young guy, 23 and have been PEing for almost a year now. I do kegels exercise regularly, but I never really seemed to increase the blood flow into my unit or increase my angle position. I think my PC muscle is fairly strong, I can start and stop peeing with no burn, and if I contract that muscle, I can make my unit flop up and down. I’m not saying that this is a problem, never stopped me from doing anything now or in the past, and I don’t really think the erection angle would enhance sex much, if any at all. I wouldn’t mind having a higher angle though, I think it looks better. I was just curious if anyone has increased their angle while doing PE or a particular exercise. I can understand the cases where guys had a lack of blood flow to start with so kegeling helped them out there. I do hang, a combination of both OTS and BTC, but I don’t think that has effect my angle. BTW, this is a great board, and I’m on here constantly, posting every once in a while. It will be my 1 yr anniversary this April, and I have gained about 1.5” ELBP and almost 1” girth.

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Re: changing erection angles

Originally posted by coolguy54321
It will be my 1 yr anniversary this April, and I have gained about 1.5” ELBP and almost 1” girth.

Congratulations on your gains. I would not sweat the angle deal.

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