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Clamping is causing major erection problems!

Clamping is causing major erection problems!

I’ve been clamping for several month now, Monday-Friday with the weekend off. I’ve gotten some pretty good gains. My mid-shaft girth used to be 5.5, now it’s 5.75. My foreshaft girth is the same at about 5.9. My base girth used to be 5.25, now it’s 5.5.
Now to the problem
My girlfriend came one week ago after a 3 month vacation. I had no problems getting hard when I was with her before, but now it’s the opposite. I’ll give you an example, I was watching a movie with my girlfriend at my house one week ago and we started kissing. Normally at this point I would have an instant arousal at 100% full erection, but that was not the case. I was completely small and soft. She then put her hand down to where my zipper and started to grab, but the problem was she couldn’t grab anything! So we kept kissing and her hand was still trying to look for my cock, but it was way down in my crotch hiding (unfortunately). I told her that junior was asleep and that she had to wake it up by giving it a blow job. She then pulled down my pants and proceeded to suck on it. I was concentrating really hard to get that fucker hard, but i couldn’t. That little bastard was sleeping cold. I tried everything, I jerked off, I thought about my porn collection that I watch every night, but I couldn’t get it hard. She looked really confused, and she got up and said that she had to go somewhere. So I was really embarrassed and humilated. This happened again last weekend and the same thing happened, I could not get hard. She hasn’t talked to me at all this week. She usually calls twice a day. Also, whenever I would talk to a nice girl at work I used to get a hardon, but now it’s completely soft. It’s like I’m gay or something. But I’m not, I’m very depressed about this issue.

What is the problem? Is my penis completely thrashed? I’m only 25 years old, I don’t want to see a urologist and tell him I have erection problems. What is he going to do? Put me on a presciption drug? I know what you might say, take 2 or 3 weeks off and see if it helps. Well I actually went away for 3 weeks to California with my family, with no jelqing or clamping, and I had no sexual desire at all. I only masturbated twice, and even at those times my maximum erection was like 75%. Now it’s difficult getting to 50% erection watching porn movies. The only way for me to get to 100% erection is by putting my clamp on and tightening it to the last click and watching porn on my own.

I do one and only one clamp method and that is Stillwantmore’s Clamp Bends. I do it a little differently though. The only difference is instead of using my wrist, I use a 4 inch circumfrence pole to bend my penis over it. Similar to RB’s fake arm stretch, except I’m doing this at 100% full erection. I bend all the way down on it for about 30 seconds (or until I get about 50% erect) and then I release. I repeat it for 4 times. In between session I take about a 5 minute break by taking off my clamp and masturbating and jelqing.
This is my routine
10 minutes of Stillwantmore’s Clamp Bends
5 minutes of masturbating and kegels to circulate more blood
10 minutes of Stillwantmore’s Clamp Bends
5 minutes of masturbating
10 minutes of Stillwantmore’s Clamp Bends
5 minutes
10 minutes of Stillwantmore’s Clamp Bends
5 minutes including ejaculation

Why don’t you ask Still what he thinks your problem is?

Myself, not knowing fuck all about what the exercise is that you mentioned doing, I’d say to take some time off, completely, until things get back to normal. Maybe stop spanking the monkey as much. And don’t turn yourself into a head case by worrying about your lack of performance/drive, that’s a self fulfilling prophecy that’s hard to get out of.

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Probably one of the most dangerous maneuvers to perform, and can lead to ruptured penis requiring surgery to repair.

The obvious solution: Stop doing this exercise. There are lots of other exercises to choose from that are far less dangerous and hopefully will restore some spontaneity back to your cock.

I think you may have trained your dick to respond only under the clamping pressures and porn viewing. Plus you’re now allowing your own psychology to play headgames.

Just take a long break from all PE and reestablish new arousal patterns involving your GF and yourself.

Your clamping/bending techniques are also a bit extreme for multiple application day after day.

Relax your dick and mind and let sexual arousal happen naturally. If you need to still convince yourself that your dick is okay, just take a bit of viagra to know that your dick still knows how to rise to the occasion. This may help you get over the psychological hurdles that you’re now placing in front of yourself. Good luck.


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Your problems:

1. I was concentrating really hard to get that fucker hard, but i couldn't.

Sometimes this is the problem. By concentrating on getting an erection you become upset when it doesn't happen so you try harder and it becomes a vicious circle.

2. I thought about my porn collection that I watch every night, but I couldn't get it hard.

Watching porn every night can turn off your natural impulses and libido. You get used to the crutch of visual stimulation.

3. It's like I'm gay or something.

Actually, gay men can become erect when with a woman, it all depends on the level of stimulation and the situation.

4. I'm very depressed about this issue.

Depression can turn off a hardon for quite a long time. I know you don't mean clinical depression, but just being upset about it is enough to stop the blood from flowing into your johnson.

5. Similar to RB's fake arm stretch, except I'm doing this at 100% full erection.

100% erect PE exercises can damage your penis. I've read your posts and know you've had a very difficult time getting gains, but doing these extreme clamp maneuvers can cause an injury. When it's injured, your penis will not cooperate.

6. The only way for me to get to 100% erection is by putting my clamp on and tightening it to the last click and watching porn on my own.

As others have said, you've put yourself in a situation where your erections are dependent on the clamp and the porn.

You need to follow Thunder's advice and stop everything and let your dick heal. That's tough to do after a couple years of no gains, but you're putting your penis at risk of long term erectile dysfunction if you continue.

Thanks guys, I totally agree with you. I know it’s a very dangerous technique to do: bending your penis over a pole at 100% erection is not very smart, but for once in my pe lifetime I’ve gotten gains; at least in the girth department not yet in length :( . I’ve done all the jelqing in the world, but this has been the best technique for me.

My penis probably has gotten desensitized to everything else except tightening my clamp to the very last click and watching porn. This is a VERY bad habit to do and I don’t recommend anyone doing clamping 5 straight days a week. I’m going to give myself a couple weeks of rest with little masturbation so I can help my penis recover. Westla, thanks for reading my past posts knowing I’m having a bad time getting gains.

Advice from my personal experiences: No more porn nor jerking off. Just enjoy kissing and touching your gf and don’t think about the erection, the size of your dick, the time you last…just have fun and be well.

I have had erection and libido problems that made me quite depressed (i too am young 23yo!). Now it is getting better. The biggest relief for me was when I succeeded to stop worrying about being able to have an erection an not when my dick got harder. You should also talk with your gf because, like mine, she may think that you don’t find her attractive anymore or stuff like that.

Gee whiz man. I don’t know how you clamped so often. One day of clamping and I have two take two to three days off. No wonder you’re having a little trouble. I’ve always been good for two erections during an evening of intercourse, but on the days that I clamp my second erection doesn’t last until climax. Lay off for sure. When you get back to clamping do it every other day or maybe space it out like one on and two off. You’re wanting way too much way too fast. It’s going to take time dude.



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Sounds like you over did it. I would lay off all PE for at least a month. I’m not kidding. You will heal
faster if you eat healthy, take your vitamins and drink lot’s of water.

This reminds me of a guy I knew that always work a cockring, around the clock even when having
sex. He got to the point were he could only get and stay hard with it on.

Act like a celibate monk for a month.


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It’s been about 12 days now since I’ve last done any sort of jelqing or clamping, and I’m happy to report that I have fully regained erection. That’s the good news. The bad news is, I have several thrombosed veins that have appeared after several days of my absence from clamping. These veins are quite hard, when erect, and are found on the left side, below my head. When I am fully flaccid it looks very swollen. I’ve been taking advil which contains ibprufren to help reduce the swelling and I constantly massage the area, but it still does not gone away. I had no thrombosed veins in the months that I’ve clamped, yet after I took this break it just appeared out of nowhere.

On a side note, my gains have went back to my original size :( . My base girth is down to 5.25, mid girth 5.5. I guess jelqing/clamping is not permanent. One has to jelq for the rest of his life to not lose gains.

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i had the same problems and im 18 years old,i got really worried about it so i decided to rest from ep,i have been resting for a month right now and my erections are coming back, you should rest friend

I´d like to share my experience of injuries.

I restarted PE about two weeks ago. Before (a year ago or so) i PE:d doing jelqs and stretching according to a commercial manual. I got some modest (1/4 inch in length maybe, no girth) results during the 2 months i followed the routines. The results disappeared in a few weeks after I stopped PE due to lack of motivation.

About two weeks ago i had the time to get to know this site and i decided to start PE again. Well, I have to admit i overdid it. Very stupid of me!

For five days I jelqed 2-400 times after a short session of stretching. What was new to me was the extreme-ulis that are described on this site. I watched the instructional video and included them in my routine. The results during the sessions seemed very promising and my penis seemed bigger than ever. My penis had that full feeling during the days. After the first five days it was time for my healing brake.

Well, after taking a couple of days off i realized that my penis had gotten numb and that i was unable to become fully erect. I mean, I´m able to ejaculate, but I can´t reach a full erection. My erections used to be rock hard and I´m usually able to quickly recover after sex. Now my morning erections are extremely weak and I don´t seem to get an erection without manually stimulating myself. Also if I get an erection it seems to disappear more quickly than before. And I have to say I had no warning signs of any injury happening when doing my routines.

After realizing the numbness i´ve become obsessed with my erections and its hard for me not to masturbate because I want to see if I finally would be healed. This probably doesn´t help my condition. Til this day i´ve experienced that the numbness seems to be going away, but that my erection quality still isn´t nearly as good as it used to be. I probably wouldn´t be able to have intercourse with my little fellow at this condition. I believe that the E-Ulis were too much to handle for my fellow and that i may have squeezed all too hard cutting of circulation/nerves (or both?).

Has anyone had similar experiences? Have i damaged the cells in my penis or is it just that my penis hasnt had time to recover? Or is it nerve damage? After all i still can feel my penis and pretty much all the numbness has gotten away. It´s been approx. 10 days since my last proper workout. I´d really like to hear from someone who has experienced the negative PI of weak erections. Hopefully u have some good news since I´m starting to get worried..

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