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can't hold erection while PE'ing

can't hold erection while PE'ing

I’m having a hard time holding my erection while doing my Ulis, squeezes and bends. I really prefer to use 70 - 90% erections for my exersizes but this can be very difficult to maintain over the course of about a half hour which is how long I like to do my workout.

I was just reading the posts about Viagra and Ceilis and it sounds like either one of those drugs could sure help out but, they’re very expensive aren’t they? Then again if that Ceilis stuff gives you a boost for many many hours as has been said then, I imagine I could make the pills last a long time.

Has anyone had experience using Viagra or any other Viagra clone for exersizes? If so please suggest dosages, brand names, places to buy the products etc..

Have you tried the old standby of looking at porn while exercising? Very cost effective.


I sometimes have the same problem and cannot get an erection when using warm water prior to jelqing.

I have found that COLD water does the trick.

I’m not a medical man but I can only assume that the warm water relaxes the outlet blood path and stops the penis becoming erect whereas the cold water works the opposite way.

Might be worth giving it a try

For no other reason than it happened:-

Last night before retiring I decided to try two capsules of Horny goat weed. Purely for devilment to see what happened. I awoke to feel my willie was the fattest I had ever had it, but it was not fully or even half erect. So something was happening as it should and something was happening as it shouldn’t.

I couldn’t be bothered to get up at 3am to put cold water on the poor thing.
so whether you can deduce anything from this or simply think I’m a complete idiot I’ll leave to you - or any other member who finds this discourse astoundingly fascinating.


Actually I don’t want to be caught by my girl friend with porno mags so that idea is out of the question, thanks for the inginious advice though hehe!

You know, I get the same effect. I’ll get an errection and head to the washroom to start my workout but, I put my dick under the tap running hot water for about 3 minutes first. This totally takes me hardon away, but the penis is still plump.

Well I suppose I’ll give the cold water a try unless I hear any protest against it, it’s a common perception that hot water warm ups are needed to fend against injury, isn’t it?

Horny goat weed??? I’ll have to look that up.


I was directed by a master moderator here to “Omnigenonline. com” for generic viagra, which is much cheaper. I cut 100mg. tabs in quarters. A quarter of a tab should do you for an afternoon or evening. Some days a quarter tab keeps my willy ready for PE the entire day.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Get something with teagan in it.


I can understand your reasoning against porn, however, have you ever taken pics of the girlfriend that are, ummmm, suggestive?

That way you can look at her, keep it up and pe away.

Just food for thought.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

These things have helped me:

1. Think horny thoughts. Imagine hom much your Significant Other is going to enjoy the “new you” that you are inthe process of creating.

2. Adjust your jelqing technique subtly to stimulate the glans & frenulum.

3. I like SunshineKid’s idea. I need to get Mrs RBM in front of a camera. :)

Whatever you do, don’t take Cialis. I have a friend without ED who tried 20mg recreationally and he couldn’t PE for 4 days, it made him so sensitive.

Heay guys, so I baught Horney Goat Weed by the Cobra brand name, just took a pill an hour ago, I’m waiting on it to kick in. I really hope this works because otherwise I think I’ll need to give viagra a go.. (I appreciate all the other suggestions but I’ve tried most of them, it’s just really hard to keep it errect for the length of time I need to do my exersizes)

I’ll post another message in about an hour to tell you guys about my experience with Horney Goat Weed!

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