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Glans getting soft??


(Started 2/21/06) BPEL 7.125 - NBPEL 5.625 - MSEG 5.625

(As of 8/23/07) BPEL 7.5 - NBPEL 6.000 - MSEG 5.87

2nd goal is BPEL 7.750 NBPEL of 6.250" and EG 6" - Long term goal is NBPEL 8" - Girth 6.50

Hey fellas.. Here’s my two cents on all of this.

1. The glans will never be as hard as the shaft. Even at a fully engorged state, it will always be softer compared to your shaft.

2. PE is bound to make some sort of structural changes to your penis. It is getting longer and wider is it not? Therefore it’s safe to assume that over activity may result in damaging nerves and tissue. As much as we want to treat the penis like a “muscle” it’s not. What we are doing is attempting to create more volume within the spongy structures of our cocks by increasing the pressure flow of blood into those structures. This is accomplished every time we jelq, clamp or pump. Go crazy and yes, you could injure yourselves. Over do it and those tissues may get stretched too far.

3. Remember to factor in your age. I’m about to hit 40. As we grow older, those super 2-3 hour errections don’t happen as often.even under the best conditions.

4. Factor in the reduction of sensitivity from constant penile stimulation. When I was 18, a stiff breeze would get junior hard as steel. Heck, I could will my cock into an errection by shear metal focus. Not so today. Now I need a little warming up, some visual stimulation, being touched.. My point is you’re getting use to it. If you’re so worried about it.. Try not touching your cock.. At all.. For 1-2 weeks solid. (Not even when you go to the bathroom). After that, just a small touch will set you in motion.

Is there a chance you could hurt yourself? Yes. But don’t play self diagnosis about the internal workings of the veins in your cock.. Because quite frankly you are not doctors and you have no real way of telling whats going on in there.

PE should be approached with the long term in mind. I’ve just started PE. I’ve been at it for one week.but you know.. It’s gonna be months before I see change. My body has never responded well to exercise.but I’m hopeful. If I can gain an inch.without damaging myself, and it takes me 2 years.. Then so be it. Take it slow.

Oh and one more thing. “Morning Wood” is directly tied to REM sleep. You’ll have approximately 4 to 6 erections throughout the night as you sleep. Each of them are tied to REM. If your sleeping patterns are disrupted or you’re failing to reach REM sleep, you’ll also fail to get an erection. The last REM cycle happens between 6am - 8am in the morning. As you wake up out of REM, junior is standing tall.

My healing (if any) is an ongoing thing. I’ve learned to accept it now, for what it is. My urologist doesn’t offer anything new, my erections really haven’t suffered below the glans, and the gf doesn’t seem to mind, so for all of that, I’m thankful. Being something of a PE addict I now try orange bends with the idea maybe the stress therein will somehow help firm the glans up, perhaps even “breaking” whatever is impeding the blood flow. I really don’t know, but if there is an improvement then I’ll post about it.

If you are experiencing problems however, see a doctor and be open with him/her. If you remain doubtful, see two. If anything, it will help you sleep at night.


Sorry, just reread your post. My problem began with some of the more advanced stretching and hauling on my unit much too hard (warning sign was a numbness in the glans). For you, I suggest taking a break from all PE activity (the most common advice and also the best) and let your body do its thing. If it persists, and it really is getting you down, then maybe visit the hospital.

Originally Posted by KC
My urologist doesn’t offer anything new, my erections really haven’t suffered below the glans

KC, I understand you have soft glans quite long tome now.
I am interested what your urologist said. Is it venous leakage (I suspect it quite likely) or is it a nerve damage?
Have they done any vascular flow examination for your penis like Doppler or anything?
Does it improve if you stop PE?

When I started PE I got that soft glans as well. Scary. I stopped for a year and I think it improved. I know glans not supposed to be as hard as shaft but when I got that damage, glans and corpus spongiosum (the one under glans) was nearly completely empty when penis was quite hard. That was looking really funny in a bad way. I have never seen my penis looking so funny before. But viagra and cialis improve things. If I get 100% erection I have glans as usual. If I loose erection a bit glans deflates more than before. That’s the difference.
As I say it seems improving and I started just light pumping which seems does no damage so far. My morning wood looks good though and glans are not deflated.

I would say PE should be started very easy looking how penis react. It’s no good to have large penis with a soft glans.

I underwent an ultrasound (not pleasant— there was an injection into the penile shaft to produce an erection. The whole episode took close to an hour) for any leaks and according to the urologist there was nothing to be found. Afterwards I was attached to another machine which measured chemical levels in the brain (I forget the names at the moment). Everything turned out to be normal. In any case, I’ve just come to accept it now. During my own recovery break from PE (which was a little over a year I think) there wasn’t much improvement although there might be some improvement these days. The best test is the morning wood and, as you say, the glans aren’t deflated as much. Perhaps I should take my own advice and get a second opinion. If I do so, I’ll post again.

As it goes, complete rest and PE activity heals just about all injuries (I’ve had them) and even john7grains has stated that his has improved after a break (I’ll have to read this thread again but I think he said 3 months). However, this hasn’t been the case for me. After the tests results revealed nothing, I suspect that what I’m experiencing now might be just some mental hang-up.

Hope this helps you.

I also have the same problem :(

Risky antidote: as part of your jelqing technique spend some time focusing on the top 1/3-1/4 of the shaft when you’re about 50% erect. It’s risky because it puts more pressure on the urethra and if you overdo it you may get some bleeding from damaged capillaries. Some lymph build-up over a week or so will get you more shiny-headed but the aim is to expand the vessels in the area.

Glad to hear from you KC. Everything seemed fine until a week ago. I don’t get it. I pumped for 8 months a couple years ago and had no problems like this. I’ve been back PEing for 4 months. Could it be from wrapping my dick over the vitamin bottle (Mems rout)? I hold 9 min total but 3 min intervals with massage between holds.

I always warm up with warm wash cloth at least 5 min, also after session to. I do man stretching N,S,E,W, SO for 100 sec hold. Changed that to 1 min 2 weeks ago. Gripping just behind the head. Then Heli’s 10 revs both directions all session under IR lamp.

At night warm up then I Jelq 100 strokes 2-3 secs 5 directions. A few Uli’s thrown in but nothing rough. I don’t know if this is from paying more attention to my dick or what but my glans seem to be cold alot of the time. I find myself doing light Uli’s thru the day to get blood into the glan. Any of you feel the glans are cold more often?

KC, So it’s possible that this quick, it happened and now I may not get hard and bigger head with out using cockring or drugs? Man I hope not. I’m hoping I caught it in time and can nurse it back with light pressure and maybe pumping at 5 Hg in cyl with inner-tube.


(Started 2/21/06) BPEL 7.125 - NBPEL 5.625 - MSEG 5.625

(As of 8/23/07) BPEL 7.5 - NBPEL 6.000 - MSEG 5.87

2nd goal is BPEL 7.750 NBPEL of 6.250" and EG 6" - Long term goal is NBPEL 8" - Girth 6.50

Damn, edit timed out on me.

I’m also thinking about hanging. I think as long as I keep the Wench off my glan (tight around my shaft) and keep the weight below 10 lbs it should be ok. What do you guys think?

(Started 2/21/06) BPEL 7.125 - NBPEL 5.625 - MSEG 5.625

(As of 8/23/07) BPEL 7.5 - NBPEL 6.000 - MSEG 5.87

2nd goal is BPEL 7.750 NBPEL of 6.250" and EG 6" - Long term goal is NBPEL 8" - Girth 6.50


I was, in fact, about to purchase a bib hanger when all this happened. Personally, hanging scares the bejesus out of me now, as my injury was doing an overhand straight down between the legs stretch, with much force on the nerve bundle below the head. It was a great stretch—but look what happened. Your stretching technique of “over the bottle” sounds advanced to me.

As for the cold glans, I hope someone else on the board can help you. Mine was never cold at all, but I think this is a negative indicator (care of Sparky—thank you sir)
RoomToGrow - Physiologic Indicators (PIs) to help growth! (I hope this link works)

I’d suggest to take some time off, and see how your morning erections are, and just daily wood in general. I wouldn’t even touch the pumping until I felt sufficient time has passed. Rest, eat well, drink lots of water, and if you feel that nothing has changed for the better, see a urologist. I can’t stress this enough. Seeing a capable doctor will help both physically and mentally I believe. The time frame for this decision I leave to you. I might have waited too long in fact regarding my own condition. I really don’t know, but let us all know if you see an improvement and what you felt contributed to it.

Take care then…

Dudes, try my exercise. It got me significantly plumper glans after a week!

Girth gains finally picked up again; here’s how

Humor me and try it for a week, and then if it doesn’t improve your glans at all then you can confidently say it didn’t work for you.

March 2006: 6.875" x 4.500" x 5.00" (BPEL x MLG x BG)

April 2007-.: 7.81" x 4.81" x 5.1" - 'And it just keeps getting bigger!'

I will have..: 8.500" x 5.750" x 6.00" My Pics My Progress

Hmmmm… y’know… I just might that.

Does anyone know for sure?

I thought correctly done PE was a benefit to the health of the penis?

Do any moderators or long term PE’s have anything to say about this.

Does one eventually overcome this or is it the result of PE period.

If so; is there an alternate routine of penis conditioning without the side effects?

thanks zy


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