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Glans getting soft??

Some new thoughts?

I had/have the same trouble, but from manual over stretching. Advance tell tale signs were slight numbness in the glans, the head wasn’t as hard as the shaft , as well as being over sensitive at times. I did some reading on the site and found that I had done some possible nerve damage and that it could be 1 or 2 months before I could be fully healed. This began back in the last week in May 05. Now, I’m one week away from starting up again and my morning erections are back and the firmness in the glans has improved. I would say that it still hasn’t recovered 100%—perhaps 90%, and I don’t seem to last as long when having sex. This could be from just inactivity all round however. In any case, the longer I took off, the bigger improvement. I just might take the month of july off as well to make certain all is well. A pain, as it means another lost month but I can’t tell you how happy I felt when I saw my glans firming up like before. It only takes one good fright to sober you up, and I’ve had two now.

Hope that helps.

Just an update. I tried some light PE yesterday and while it felt a little weird in an underused kinda way, 5 minutes of jelqing went fine. Afterwards I tried for a full erection. Again, the shaft was hard while the head was soft—though firmer than 2 months ago. Prior to ejaculating it was the hardest, but still not like the hardness previously enjoyed prior to my injury. I was talking to Piet in the chat room, and he suggested trying more kegals (thanks again for the advice) for the next little while.

Just wondering if anyone previously posting has any further thoughts on the subject? Again, I injured myself from repeatedly over enthusiastic stretching—pulling too hard on my penis and placing too much pressure on the bundle of nerves just below the head. Numbness set in and that’s when I first noticed the loss of firmness in the head. Two months’ rest has seen an improvement in the firmness, but not quite 100%. Hmmmm, just wondering now if another month off combined with an increase in kegals might be in order…

I’ve been taking quite a few breaks, from 2 to 3-4 months and everytime I started PEing again, unless I was doing some very light routine (which lead to no gains), this ¨injury¨ was coming back. Therefore, either I keep PEing with my glans being damaged and let it heal after I see at least some minor gains, or I dont gain anything ever and let it heal.

So the longest you’ve taken a rest has been 4 months and the results are still the same? Hm, not very encouraging if so. Could it be psychological? For me, the blood does get in there but keeping there is the problem. I was thinking if there was a leak or something like that (I don’t know) but wouldn’t a person feel it?

Hard to believe that this is could be a permanent thing.

I’ve never even thought about it until I read this thread. I checked, and my glans is definitely softer than my shaft when I have an erection. I think it’s probably always been that way. It fills up with blood and gets way bigger, so I think it’s okay.

I’ve had the softer than usual head thing several times from PE. Intense girth work was usually the cause for me, but I notice it isn’t as full now after weeks of fairly intense manual stretching.

It has always perked up within a few weeks of reduced intensity or time off.

I’ve never had it from hanging, probably because hanging (properly) doesn’t stress the head very much.

My head and CS are always pretty deflated during nocturnal/morning erections. I’m pretty sure it was that way even before I started PE.

Jesus guys what the hell are we going to do? Is this permanent? Is there any doctor in here?

I dunno, it sucks though. Ive been working on my PC lately, and in the morning I get hard long erections but no glands or CS filling up with blood. I havnt had one of those tight throbbing erections in forever.

gprent is right on it. Your glans will get softer and this is the start of a fading erection, no matter if the shaft is hard. I am talking from nearly two years experience of jelqing, I know the exact feeling. You are starting of too fast.

Another thing is that you get used to touching your penis and it won’t get as exciting anymore. Get in bed with a sexy girl and you will indeed notice an erection more throbbing than ever before (if you have done your jelqs correctly). Personal experience :)

In my experience, this an injury from overdoing PE yes, and right now, I’m seriously believing that it is permanent. I’ve been doing kegels now since the beginning of july to try and correct it, but most of what is happening is the shaft is getting quite hard while the head remains firm—perhaps 60% or 70%. The glans aren’t so sensitive now, so I can last longer before ejaculating (10 minutes was the last mark) but this is roughly half of what I was able to last prior to the injury. Before my injury, sex was much better, and lasted upwards of 20 to thirty minutes.

I’m coming up on the end of the third month, and if what john7grains is true (he still has his injury), a trip to the urologist will be in my foreseeable future. I like to believe that there is still some healing going on down there, but as time goes on, I’m becoming increasingly skeptical.

This is not uncommon when the penis is traumatized, the soreness will prevent full engorgement and venal valves will shut-off prematurely resulting in the condition. This can also occur in over aroused states, the lack of relaxation results in a very stiff but dwarfed erection (shorter than usual).

If there is a problem you can test the condition. Take a 20 percent erection and jelq/massage to stimulate blood flow to the corona, it should begin to balloon to normal size. Work your penis with uli type exercises to slowly build to a full erection, you should be able to manipulate blood volume to the areas affected which in turn will build your erection to full capacity.

Banned for posting bullshit again - previously Salvo

Hi Shilow

Thanks for the interesting suggestion .Are you a doctor by any chance? Or, better yet, a urologist? I’ll try what you suggest, and I’ll post the results. And I assume that the corona is the head? I’m afraid I’m not up on the anatomy.

I truly hope this works. I live overseas at the moment, and trying to explain my condition to my urologist in a second language is somehing I’m not looking forward to.


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