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Girth exercises for the base

Girth exercises for the base

I know that baseball bat effect has been discussed lots of times before. But the thing is, the only suggestion I have found was to “hang” the penis so that it could enlarge through the base. I am looking for a girth exercise that would work the base ONLY. I was thinking about tight wrapping the entire penis, except the base and do kegels, or pump.

Anybody have other opinions on this?

Do a search for base ballooning.
I started a thread around here somewhere where I did something along the lines of what you described.
Worked well, but I didnt stick with it long enough to see permanent gains.
I will be revisiting the technique shortly to give it a thorough try out.

Like every other advanced exercise, its not for newbies, although as far as advanced exercises go, it one of the less dangerous ones.

I’ve tried clamping down around midshaft or the first third of the shaft and contain the blood from the very base as well and hold and squeeze firmly for 3 seconds and release and regain circulation and try try again.

For me personally, pumping has given me the best base girth gains.

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