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Curvature correction and base girth

Curvature correction and base girth

I’ve got a noticeable curve to the right and up, I’d really like to correct it.

I’ve got a noticeable amount more girth at the base, and I’d like to enhance girth towards the end of my shaft.

I think I’ve got the answer to both these questions but I’d like to consult the PE gurus before I spend money on a new tube. You see, I’ve been using a tube that’s about 6” around on the inside which is much wider than my penis, especially towards the end of my penis. At first I figured since I can get a good seal, and my balls don’t get sucked into the tube, that the size was alright for me, but I’m now considering getting a tube that’s much more narrow and I’d like some advice before hand.

I’m 5.1” at the base, tapering off gradually towards the end shaft, at 4.4” girth, I was thinking of getting a tube, (if I can locate one) that’s 5.25” around, circumference that is. I’m imagining my base girth packing the tube and limiting expansion just enough to enhance expansion towards the end of my shaft, does anyone have any experience with this? does this work? Having a snug fit has also been said to help correct curvature by forcing a symmetrical elongation of the penis, which makes perfect sense to me!! I’m really happy to have realized this because my current tube is wide enough to allow for my penis to curve inside during my workout…… and as I’ve indicated, my base has been getting a lot of expansion that I’d rather see at the latter part of my shaft.

I’m sorry, I always get too detailed with this.. really I’d just like some of the vets to comment on my suspicions (in detail) .. I don’t know if 5.25” tubes are available but I’m going to look.. 1.75” diameter is 5.5” circumference right?

Please comment, anyone!

One of the mathematical whizzes will answer your circumference/diameter question.

But you are on the right track in your thinking. A tube that makes your cock straighter during pumping will offer the best chance of correcting the curve.

This can work, but be prepared to be a long time at it - many months. You may also not end up perfectly straight but you should be able to deviate the curve significantly. Sometimes, too, a curve can be an advantage in sex, so keep that in mind. You may now be able to hit joy spots we others cannot.



“One of the mathematical whizzes will answer your circumference/diameter question.”

Heay come on, I’ve always considered you as a top authority in regards to anything pumping related! In any case, I’ll just state my question once more, a bit more clearly.

Has anyone heard of or, know where to find a tube that is 5.25 inches in inner circumference?
That would be less than 1 3/4 diameter but more than 1 1/2 I believe.

I was pretty darn sure my thinking was accurate. But how about the base girth question? I was actually more concerned about getting input on how I can enhance my end shaft expansion.

Thanks for the reply ovocet8!

According to this thread cylinders in 1/8” increments are available from Northwest Pumpworks. However, I can’t find any information on small increments on their site. You might want to give them a call.

The formula for diameter and circumference is diameter X pi (3.14). To determine the size you want divide 5.25 by 3.14 and you’ll get an inside diameter of 1.67 inches (closest 1/8” increment tube would be 1 5/8” or 1.63”).

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