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Is possible to gain base girth without using hanging o pumping?

Is possible to gain base girth without hanging o pumping?

I, and as I believe many of you, lack of a thick base. I started PE around 8 months ago and thanks to wet jelqs, horse440, ULIs and some sadsak slinky I went from having a 4.5” midshaft to a 4.75” one, but as long as base girth there was little to no change. I’ve experimented doing some Reversed Squeezes but it didnt work (not for a long time though).
So here I am, asking if you could give me some advice on to how I can increase my base girth without using hanging or pumping as I’m still living at home so I dont wanna take any risks of being discovered hanging 10kg (ooo dearrr what are you doing with that on your legsss? :p )

Thanks a lot.

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Intense stretching forcusing on ligs (nothing above straight out) will increase base girth over time, for the same reason that hanging will. Bib discussed this before and he believed it was probably a combination of those tissues being developed as well as slightly pulled out of the body (tree roots syndrome).

I never hung with any regularity, but I stretched a lot. Another irony is this - stretching does NOT make your cock thinner as many people claim. When people assert this, they are simply revealing that they don’t know what they’re talking about.

I’ve had good results from using reverse dry jelqs where you trap at the base with one hand. Helped correct a slight baseball bat effect I got from jelqing and Ulis.

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I think I ll go with that wadzilla, I’ve already read a lot here about that but for a long time didnt really believe it, gonna try it some months and see how it goes.
Ebon00, do you do dryjelqs with your palm facing up or down? Maybe thats where my mistake was.


Abril ´04 BP 15.8 x EG 11.4 // Marzo ´06 BP 19.6 x EG 12.5 // Sept ´07 BP 20.3 x EG 13

GOAL: 20x14 - Big enough to make that ass cry for mercy!

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