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in line with the original thread topic about the doctor.

I find it frustrating and sad when I run across someone in any field, especially the medical field, who is not willing to consider possible truths which were derived from outside their own path of education/knowledge. I think it is both a pride issue and also a misguided effort in self preservation.

without going back and looking to see who, someone asked how plausible it is/was for the doctor to be able to have over 300 different areas that he was giving advise/enlightenment on;
With an open mind to truth and education I believe that one can become very knowlegable in many topics, but that person will also have to be humble and willing to admit not only being wrong, but also often admiting that he/she does’t know the answer the first many times that they are asked. In admitting to not knowing, the knowledge can then be given and received.

I love the fact that anyone who spent more than an hour reading the info and some threads on this site can easily deduce The SWAN has not even a clue what type of site this is. He comes in here like he’s an expert.. Too funny. Read before you post!


I’m very knowledgeable in my field, but under no circumstances would I claim to have such extensive knowledge - in depth! - on such a wide range of topics (with all the associated subtopics) that I would dare to offer such definitive opinions as the said doctor did, not even in my own field. I looked at some of those “paper” - he’s a bogus, that’s my opinion.

regards, mgus

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in reading back over my post I realize that I was not clear on one thing - it is also my opinion that this guy is bogus. He is not someone I would turn to for advice.

Originally Posted by wadzilla
Mr Schlong, do you seriously believe that I would’ve had to lose a full 1.6” before I ceased PE? I was being sarcastic. I simply reversed my starting & current sizes because its getting quite tiresome to hear the “does-it-really-work” questions, or to hear flamers come in here and say we’re all a bunch of liars.

Why on earth would we all be here if this was totally bogus? What am I possibly gaining by “playing along in a lie”? I’ve never been that bored in my life.

Forgive me Wad! I’m a bit slow!!!

Wow, a rise and fall of a point gone bad. Note to self “Be nice, play hard.”

Is it really necessary to show that thing to everyone? Yes, yes it is.

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Here are the pics.

Originally Posted by iamaru
Oh Swan, you are just to sharp and insightfull for the likes of us evil penis contraption hucksters, really you are. The fact is PE doesn’t work!!

Don’t read much, do you?
Go take a look at what newbies are told when asking which pump to buy: “F*ck that make your own for $30, here is a link…”

Hanging? “Well yes the Bib is worth every penny but why not make a Wench for under $20 and see if you like hanging first, here is a link…”

Stretchers like penis master? “Sigh…here is a link to make an ADS for under 5 friggin dollars.”

Pills? “MWWAHAHAAAA!!!!!”

Oh but what about when they ask if they have realistic goals? ” Well noob, this PE stuff does work but if you aren’t in it for the long haul bugger off. Some guys do make uber fast gains, just like some guys loose 50lbs in 4 months on slimfast, go look up the word “atypical.” A realistic goal to shoot for is an inch in a year if you really dedicate your self to PE. Be forewarned, we have plenty of guys that work it like a fiend and don’t get 1/2 an inch in a year.”

If by documented proof you mean a scientific study conducted over a period of years with a large group of men doing PE and their identical twins acting as a control group you won’t find one anywhere. If the before and after data bases, personal progress logs, and experiments we have conducted are not to your likeing that is your problem not ours.

In short Sir, I can only say: Waaa f*cking waaa!

(Bla bla, bla bla bla bla!)

Do you have the link for the Homwmade ADS for 5 bucks?


Did I really write all that? Boy am I an asshole.

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Originally Posted by iamaru
Did I really write all that? Boy am I an asshole.

In short Sir, I can only say: Waaa f*cking waaa!

(Bla bla, bla bla bla bla!)
Hehehe :)

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