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Does anybody report erect gains from fowfers?


Does anybody report erect gains from fowfers?

I think I may can attribute fowfers for my last 1/8” gain in erect length. Since late last year and all this year I’ve been doing fowfers off and on. My routine since joining Thunder’s has mainly only been manual stretching, jelqing, and fowfers. In the last 3 -4 months or so, jelqing has become less and less and fowfers have been more and more. Manual stretching has remained about the same, just some each day, not much.

For a brief period months ago I was doing fowfers for a total of about 2 hours a day. That didn’t last, but still I’ve been trying to make sure I got in 30 mins to an hour a day of fowfers 5 days a week and have had only some consistency with this.

I jelqed for over a year before finding Thunder’s and I think this may have something to do with my finding it psychologically tough to continue jelqing much now. I figure I may need to just use it for condition maintenance now and need to concentrate on other exercises to continue gains. Lately my routine has been jelqing only about 5 minutes once or twice a week, manual stretching only about 5 minutes a day (maybe) 4 days a week, and fowfers about 45 minutes 5 days a week inconsistently.

In a nutshell, my routine has been irregular for 1/2 year now and fowfers have become my main PE. The best I can tell, I believe fowfers may be responsible for about 1/2’ flaccid gain and 1/8” erect gain for me in this period. I lose track of time, don’t keep a journal, and my irregular inconsistent routine makes it tough for me to remember well where I was such and such when.

I’ve been bad about precise record keeping, so here is what I’ve decided to do with this fowfer test: I’m going to make it a point to do fowfers 6 days a week 1 1/2 hours a day for the next 6 weeks. I’m going to do a beginning measurement flaccid and erect today and not measure again until the first of August. I’ll jelq 5 minutes a day , 6 days a week to help keep my dick healthy from sitting on it. I won’t be doing any manual stretching during these approximate 6 weeks.

I want to see what a strictly followed fowfer routine, that only uses jelqing as a conditioning factor to assist fowfers, will result in. I wish I had thought to do this test months ago before I had already gotten what may have been some erect result from it, but can’t be sure how much because there were days when I did jelq and manual stretch a fair amount.

When reading through some archives on fowfer, I read where guys say that they just began fowfers and their flaccid hangs are already better after just days or weeks. But it’s hard to find posts where they do followup reports later in posts about fowfers. Did they continue to gain flaccid? Did they get some erect gain from it, but because no one seems to ever just do a fowfer routine for many months, no one really knows?

By pulling my dick under one of my butt cheeks, and then sliding my pelvis forward, I’m able to feel a strong pull in my ligs. I usually get off it after 20 mins or so and rub it to make sure circulation feels right. The 5 minute a day jelq on the days I fowfer will be intended to assist with this and general well being of my dick.

I think that if fowfers can be shown to work for erect gains that it could be the best practical PE there is for length. There are many reports of guys gaining flaccid from it. I believe I’ve gained flacicd from it for sure—- how much of it was fowfers I can’t say for sure. To me it seems to be such a practical exercise that I’m surprised I am unable to find where anyone else has done a fowfer only routine for many months to see where it would take them. Including some jelqing each day is a logical thing to do along with this.

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Look up horsehung’s progress log. If I recall correctly, he made huge gains, and attributed a lot of it to fowfers.

That’s an excellent experiment - the exclusively fowfer routine, with just some restorative jelqing, and no stretching. I’ll be following this with interest, just hope you can maintain consistency.

In theory, I believe that fowfers should provide erect gains; albeit, perhaps not in a 1:1 ratio with flaccid gains. But hell, a fowfer is basically a static stretch of long duration. So why shouldn’t that help erect gains also, if you keep enough tension in the stretch?

I admit that I can’t do fowfers with any consistency because of privacy issues. My kids will often come into my office unexpectedly to ask me something - I can’t have them see me with my pants down, sitting on my cock. And, obviously, with fowfers you do need to log some hours, not just 15 or 20 minutes here & there.

Good luck & keep us posted.

Consider this….Wad,

Sitting on your cock for about 90 mins is not really recommendable. I respect Fowfer and his idea but I think that this exercise can create major problems. Not everybody is the same and everyone’s body reacts differently to all sorts of stimulation. Find out, what works best for you, but sitting on your cock for extended periods of time should not be one of them, in my opinion.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Beginning measurement 7 3/8 bpel and flaccid seems to be measuring around 5 1/8 after a few separate checks, so I’ll go with that. I realised when jelqing that 3 mins seemed like enough for my purpose under these circumstances, so that is the time I will jelq each day (not 5 minutes as previously said).

I’ll post measurements again August 1. I’ll decide whether or not to continue with the experiment then.

I think your words of caution are wise. I haven’t had trouble so far, so I feel like I can do this. I’ll try to keep a close watch on any negative symptoms that arise from this. Even if I don’t incur trouble, it doesn’t necessarily mean someone else won’t. As you said, everyone is different and I hope everyone always carefully monitors themselves in any PEing they decide to do. The first sign of trouble I’ll be sure to post it here. I have left pinch marks from fowfers on the skin of my dick a couple of different times and am trying to find the cause of it. The marks went away after a little while.

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I mentioned this in my first post, but think it’s worth repeating—-I’m going to fowfer for around 20 minutes at a time. I may go as high as 30 minutes at a time, but that will be it. I’ll separate hours between each fowfer sitting when possible, adding up to 90 minutes a day.


I have been doing my own version of the fowfer to maintain, for the past couple of months. All my measurable bone pressed erect gains came from jelqing and stretching, but not from the fowfers. I do know my flaccid gains have been quite remarkable with the fowfers—they keep me close to 8” x 6” most days. I believe DLD has had the same experience with them.

My routine is very similar to yours with occasional jelqing, but mainly fowfers—about the same amount of time and days of the week. It looks like we started PE about the same time as well—last October.

There is one big difference. I don’t sit on it. I pull it back and up as far as I can stretch it—to well above my tail bone—usually lying down or standing. I do this for at least a half hour—sometimes longer— for 30 to 60 seconds a stretch.

I have not noticed any erect gains, but I’ll continue to maintain this routine, and let you know if I experience any. I do know my flaccid stretch during the fowfer is longer than when I started, but it’s tough to get an accurate measurement.

I’ll follow your thread to see how you progress and let you know if I experience any further gains. Good luck.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


I sure hope you have good success with this, as I’m also doing a fowfer/jelq only routine. On another point, I do believe a fowfer, V-stretch, and jelq routine is quite efficient at targeting length and I shall be soon conducting an experiment of my own into how well that increases length.

It’s about a week to go until August 1, but I’ve decided to post anyway.
I’ve been very good about trying to make sure I’ve been getting in 90 minutes a day, 6 days a week of fowfers which comes to 9 1/2 hours a week. However, for various reasons, the time I’ve gotten in is more like 9 hours a week. I don’t keep records, but subtracting the off days the total fowfering since I started this thread comes to something like a month of fowfers, or about 45 hours (30 days x 1.5 hours).

—————————Erect (bpel)————————Flaccid (bpfl)
6/21/04 —————7 3/8 ———————————-5 1/8
7/24/04—————-7 3/8————————————5 3/8

I think it is important to say that no conclusions concerning erect length gains can be drawn from this. I may be in difficult period of my PE gains and any type of stretching exercise might not have shown a gain this past month. When I first started jelqing (I didn’t know about Thunder’s) I was doing fowfers now and then, but it wasn’t my main PE like jelqing. I eventually gained an inch bpel with just that routine. Am I to think that jelqing alone would have gotten me an inch in length? Even though I wasn’t doing fowfers regularly (I didn’t know fowfer by that name at that time), I feel it must have played a part. In the past 1/2 a year or so, I’ve gained another 1/8 inch in bpel—-this time doing fowfers more often than before, but still not on a regular basis and starting to wane on my jelqing. I added manual stretching, but I have spent far less time on that than anything. Perhaps fowfers helped me gain this additional 1/8 inch?

As a sidenote, notice my flaccid has increased about 1/4” this past month. I don’t know if it is “cemented”.

Whatever the case with erect gains and fowfers, I’m now ready to move into hanging. I’ll continue to fowfer this next week, and post again on 8/1/04. During this week, I’m going to be spending a lot of time reading in the hanger’s forum and learn the ropes on it. Also, I’ll probably learn how to make my own hanger and other devices possibly used along with it (I have much to learn).

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I have been using fowfers in my routine for about a month and a half now and have seen significant steady gains in ERect Length as well as flacid. I do believe they are effective for obvious reasons. Just my 2 cents.

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D


Are you doing any other exercises besides fowfers? I’m just curious.

Is a fowfer when you pull it under your bum and sit on it? I have tried this and my head becomes numb after like 15 minutes.

Nevermind I figured it out.


Yah I also manual stretch, V stretch and do horseses for girth. I do fowfer as a warm up before my routine for about 20 minutes to half hour. I also do them on my off days while Im watching TV or playing video games. Sometimess that can last an hour or two. Of courses I let it re-circulate in like 20 minute intervalss Id say. Great stretch I think, that is if you do it right and allow proper circulation.

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

Oh yah I forgot, sometimes I twist my dick 180 degress and then do a fowfer, increases the stretch a little, dont do it often only if my dick is feeling loose and I need to increase the intensity of the stretch to feel.

I swear I'm going to stop at 8... ok maybe 8.5 :D

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