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Can erect bends help stretch the cc and give length gains?

Can erect bends help stretch the cc and give length gains?

I understand that doing erect bends is good for girth. But does it also give length since you are targeting the cc at a very good angle at 100% erection? Has anyone seen length gains doing this?

I don’t do then due to fear of my past injury returning, but it would be interesting to know the awnser to this.

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try them. Erect bends can aid in length since bending can, when done in an angle, lengthen or stretch the connective tissue around the cc. But use caution and don’t get carried away. I suggest you slightly bend and jelq at the same time.

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Bump. Anyone else have seen length gains using erect bends?

IMO, they are better for girth. We all respond differently, so maybe you can get some length out of them. Try and see.

The guy at PE Forums who re-popularized bending last year claimed good increases in both girth and length. I can’t remember his name, maybe j-something? Unfortunately, that thread is gone. :(

When my length gains slowed to almost nothing, I started doing girth exercises. I mostly did erect bends and horse 440s. Anyway I gained, that month, 1/16” girth but 1/8” length. I’m positive that it was the erect bends because how could it be the horse 440s? I think erect bends help to stretch the septum, making length gains easier.

So now, I’m incorporating erect bends into my length routine (basically hanging and erect bends), but it’s too soon to tell if it’s working.

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