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erect gains

erect gains

I’m not in a rush or anything, but was wondering how long it took some of the “hard gainers” to get their first erect gains (preferably via manual exercises). I’ve been at it for 6 weeks, no erect gains, and have noticed many see quick gains at the beginning. When should I get worried. I am up to date on the LOT theory and put my effort in the proper areas. Thank you


are you going for girth or mainly for length?
I think there is no need to get worried anyway. I started to see my first length gains after 8 months.
What is your current routine?



I am going mainly for length gains. I stand at 6.25 EL and 6.1 EG midshaft. I do about 30 minutes of stretching (mostly down) and 30 minutes of Jelq and various girth squeezes. My flacid state is a bit better, but no length gains at all. I would like to see a little something so I can truly “believe” and know that I will not be one of the guys with no gains after a year. How much length have you gained AndreasF. Oh yeah 2 on 1 off routine. Thanks

One foot to go


if you are doing your stretches mostly down I assume you have a high LOT with potential in the ligs.
Have you tried to do your stretches ‘bundled’ yet? There was a nice thread months ago. If you use the search button and look for ‘DLD-Blasters’ or ‘Bundle Stretch’ you will find many useful information which might be helpful.

You already have a very impressive girth. Have you considered to use a BIB-hanger to make getting lenght more comfortable?
I started hanging just a few days ago. EL gain with manual exercises so far during 6 months around 0.4 inches.



I’m into this over a year and am now starting to see some results I can believe… Some gain very fast and others, like me go ‘v e r y’ slow… As you progress in time you may find as I did that you understand the exercises *better* and how to do them better… There is a serious learning curve behind this stuff and if enough time is put in I have no doubt that the payoff is worth more then the effort…

It took me almost a year before I started gaining length, and it came very slowly. My girth gains were much quicker, and I think in comparison over all better than my length gains. I think most are like this, you will gain better in one area than another. After about 4 years I have went from 5.5 x 4.5 to 7 x 5.75 mid shaft. I have that baseball bat look.


i think age may play a role in quick initial growth due to retraction. those who report larger gaines initially are usually mid 20’s or older. you do as you get older have shrinkage. this may be nothing more than recovering what was lost. i initially gained 1/2 inch in the first month or so. since then the growth progresses slowly, 3/8 inch in length in the last 6 months and 1/4 inch in girth. i think i would have had better gaines had i dedicated more effort and time into my routine.

Here is a link to the twisted uli’s

Twisted Uli’s


I have to disagree about gains and age. I know that one person does not make for any reliable statistics but during my first month I grew one inch (at almost 45 years of age). Go figure.


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