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DLD says a sad goodbye to Thundersplace

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I’ve been gone for three weeks. Damn this is a bad thing to come back to. I have lots of posts to catch up on. I’m still quite confused as to what the hell really happened with DLD. Alot of newbies will suffer with him not being here.

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I agree with Dino, this thread has gone wrong and needs to be laid to rest.

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Originally posted by fauven
I've visited and joined DLD's forum. I hope he'll experience success with his new board, but I don't think it'll ever replace Thunder's (for me). I'm a little confused that DLD posted to this forum on 6/02/03 saying he is going to have to start his own forum, when I see that he was posting to his new forum as early as 5/31/03. I guess he knew he was going to start his own forum at least two days before he posted to us. Things must've been going down hill for him then, too, or he wouldn't have been making the new forum … right? It must've been hard for him to act like nothing was up before his goodbye.

Thus far, his forum is looking pretty good.

the forum was originally just for members of his site, but he decided to make it free for everybody.

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It's all good

It’s easy to be defensive when you know you’re making a drastic change and are unsure of what others will think. This is called assumption. We all know that you can make an “ass” out of “u” and “me” in assume. It is in our nature to do these things and although DLD’s wang is superhuman, he’s human just like the rest of us.

You must have more faith in us DLD, especially after all the input you have given to this board. You have more than earned your right of having a place on this board. Personally I understand the decision of taking away your mod status. It is simply a rule that has been placed for everyone to follow, it is not a punishment. It keeps everyone’s best interest in check.

I would like to think that everyone here is honorable enough to put the tension behind us and continue on as before. A good friend would be a supportive one and I support DLD’s life changing choice of making PE his career. This will mean that more people like us will get great benefits. It’s not only about having a big dick anymore. It’s about feeling like a man. And it feels like Christmas, so let’s spread the joy, shall we? :)

Woa, I haven´t read it all but I think I caught the ideas expressed.

Feel I have some responsibility to make a post as a mod and as a person, to show that the two surely can walk hand in hand, and because I want to.

Sorry to see you go DLD, I think you´ll be back once you get over the initial hurt and as far as I´m concerned you´ll be welcome.

Yeah, I say hurt, because I believe the guy is genuine in this. I´m a very emotional person too at times and I can understand the reaction, to some a overreaction, to others just wearing your heart on your sleeve.

I´m not a believer in “the great scam” and I don´t think too many other are either.

I do agree with Thunder that a paysite owner should not be a mod here, that has NOTHING to do with lack of respect or doubts of dld´s integrity. It´s just how it is, and it´s obvious if you look at it from an objective viewpoint. That doesn´t diminish the work DLD has put into helping me and others here at Thunders.

I´ve been the topic of discussion in the mod forum too, and that wasn´t very flattering, so I know how it is, and that I´m a mod now just shows that there´s not really a conspiracy from that side either. I hope :p

Mods are just members who´s been extra active and helpful and in some cases extra knowledgable, there´s no greater distinction than that and there´s no collective mind.

BTW, when it comes to the whole discussion about excerises, I´ve been pulling my member (no relation to member in the above paragraph) in a thousand different ways and I did kegels before I even found out about PE. Talking about who invented what is pointless to me, what counts is sharing the knowledge and your experience with others. By doing so you earn a place in PE history, not by arguing who did what first and put it in text at a forum, that´s just petty.

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Originally posted by ThunderSS
I'll be one of the petty ones then.

Sorry to hear that, I´m all for credit where credit is due, but there´s no way to prove that anyone “invented” anything before someone else. A free PE-board shouldn´t even be about trying to get credit for things, but rather sharing knowledge and thus earning credit. Like BiB. That´s how I feel credit is earned and that was my feeling about this board. Helpful and giving people coming together to share knowledge, not to throw their names around.

Maybe I was wrong, maybe it´s all a competition about who can put his name on most excersies, protecting ideas from others instead of spark creativity.

My mistake in that case.

Sorry, but after reading for the past hours I´m kind of down, not a lot of humor and smiles. Where´s Braker?

The art of conversation is not a martial art

Originally posted by ThunderSS
I agree with everything you are saying here Rocco. It is NOT about self-promoting.

Good, we agree then. I wasn´t writing on behalf of anyone in particular, as I assume you must have read it. Had I done so I would have been clear about it, I don´t hide my oppinion.

The art of conversation is not a martial art

don’t go DLD……………………………..:(

Holy Shit! I missed this whole thread!

I must say that I think that DLD is over reacting. Things said about you always sound worse when you have to hear them from someone else, and I think it would be pretty hard for one to maintain sanity if you could not accept the fact that people talk about you behind your back. I personally support the position of ThunderSS, for the same reason that many others do. Think about it: you couldn’t let a player from the NJ devils referee a game in the NHL finals, that would be simply unfair.

I would like to say that I wish the best for DLD, and I hope that he is able to support himself and his family from his new site. However, I also hope that he will learn to accept the fact that his position as paysite owner and moderator of a Free PE forum cannot coexist, plain and simple. I don’t think that it would be untrue to say that he is very much welcome here just like every other man (or woman) who wishes to take part in the discussions here. Once again, best of luck to you DLD (I know you’re reading ;) ), but I must say that I will not join your paysite because I’m a cheapass, and I vowed to myself never to pay for a penis enlargement site.

An observation: I don’t want to sound cynical, but this thread has gotten DLD a lot of sympathy, especially from newer guys, some who have voice steadfast opposition to DLD being banned, even though it has been well established that the issue was proposed by one moderator and then quickly dismissed.

I don’t see why he’d have to quit this forum. Once again the cynical part of me is thinking it’s because everyone here knows about his site now so why continue posting?

I’m not usually this sceptical, but I’d feel like somewhat of an idiot believing a guy on an Internet forum that claims to have enlarged his penis by nearly 6 inches length in two years. To be honest I don’t even think that is humanly possible. Think about it guys - he’s claiming to have added nearly the full length at which most of us started with to his already 6.5” dick!

I hear he has lack of confidence and some insecurity issues etc. - so why did he get up onstage with his dick out?

The flaccid stretch measurement looks suspicious to me. The tape measure looks like it has been created for that photo. Either that or his fist is 5 1/2 inches long. My fist is about 4” and I have big hands. Look at 5 inches on your tape measure. You’d have to be about 7’0 tall to have hands like that. I’m about 6’2 or 6’3. I understand DLD 5’9 or so?

His wrists are about 3 1/2” wide on that pic. Once again, I have big forearms and wrists and mine are only 2 1/2” or so.

And I guess that tape measure starts at 1 1/2” too.

See what I mean? Does nobody else see these things?

Maybe you guys WANT to believe DLD’s gains because it makes you feel better about slaving away with lube and baby powder every day. I WANT to believe it too… but lets be realistic.

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Originally posted by westla90069
If it was the latter, his reaction is absolutely on target for his personality and emotional state. He's easily hurt, easily excited, and easily looses control. I've met him in person and, although our time together was brief, I can now understand how this thing would have affected him.

Thank you for your independent observation of DLD, could he answer then? What information was given to him?

This can be easily solved and if DLD doesn’t want to solve it…then…..

Yet here most are making DLD out to be a charlatan, swindler and cheat for doing essentially the same thing by charging for his time and knowledge to give personal attention to those who join his site.

Who called him a charlatan, swindler, cheat?

I called him a businessman and that is exactly what he is. His site is very attractive. A newb wouldn’t know how to market like that.

What needs to be done now is to discover who sent him (probably partial) mod forum information, why this person apparently wants to cause trouble here, and let DLD make up his mind about continued participation. Heavy handed accusatory posts, such as those from DJ-Man, are not helping the situation.

What did I accuse him of again? I highly regard DLD and he is an amazing and great guy.

Like awwwshucks, I want DLD to answer some questions. I HIGHLY doubt with the way he was so emotional that he would not read this thread. I know he must have. It’s so easy to click and read on the internet.

Questions for DLD:

  1. Why are you so hurt from being moved down from a mod to a member? Reasons?
  2. Can you prove your claims?
  3. You weren’t very specific at all in your post, which is why I am questioning it in the first place. Now you know this problem can be easily solved…99% of this forum respects you, likes you, and appreciates you. Will you solve this minor problem or ditch us?
  4. You almost have god-like status in this forum, so many people want you to stay. What are your true reasons for wanting to leave?
  5. Who leaked mod discussion topics to you? That punk needs to get what’s coming for him.

I want this thread to die also, but let DLD speak on behalf of himself. If he doesn\’t, I'll know why.


>The flaccid stretch measurement looks suspicious to me. The tape measure looks like it has been created for that photo. Either that or his fist is 5 1/2 inches long. My fist is about 4” and I have big hands. Look at 5 inches on your tape measure. You’d have to be about 7’0 tall to have hands like that. I’m about 6’2 or 6’3. I understand DLD 5’9 or so?<

How do you get his fist to be 5 1/2” long? The left most part of his hand is level with 5 5/8”, and the right most part is level with 9 6/8”, not couting a bit of thumb that is sticking out. Thats 4 1/8”.

A 1 1/2” fat pad is not unheard of, look at the controversy over the fow pics. Myself, I dont like to get too much bodyfat so if I was that length you would see the ruler ‘start’ at about .75”.



You’ve been round long enough to be able to judge pics, and without going into hand size and fat pad, do you think that is huge?

His later pics (on his site) are better, but DLD is just fooling himself and others with his claims.

He isn’t small, that’s for sure, and he’s got an inch or two on me, but then so have many others on this site.

Try FSBP at the side with your penis angled down, and see how far off his mark you get.


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