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CLAMPING Everything You Ever Wanted To Know


I found cable clamps, last week, after a long time patrolling local hardware stores and the Home Despot. Had to drive into Vancouver to get them, but it sure was worth the $2 + gas. Damn hardware store guy couldn’t understand why I was so happy in the store when we finally tracked them down.

For anyone else in the Lower Mainland, they’re in Home Depot in the ‘clamps’ section of the tool corral. (appropriate, eh!), but only at the location on Terminal.

What can I say about these these things that hasn’t already been said? They’re super.

I started PE Feb. last year. 6 months jelq and manual stretch, then switched over to clamping, and only clamping, using metal hose clamps.
I find with the metal clamps it’s far too easy to over tighten them, I was getting incredible pressure built up in my dick, which was turning dark purple with many many spots, and had extremely tender skin all over after a session. (4 x 10 mins). In retrospect I was overdoing it for sure, maybe doing more harm than good. I had zero girth gains from this clamping, however I did somehow gain 1/2 in in length.

With these cable clamps, there’s no chance of over tightening the clamp, even if you give it the gorilla grip like I do, and I have to focus on maintaining an extra mighty hard on to get the pressure up while in the clamp. My clamped erection is now a bright, healthy looking red colour, and the pump I get lasts well into the next day.

Just a thought, has anyone tried clamping while in the hot tub or a hot bath, and noticed any benefits?

Also, what is more important, total accumulated time spent in the clamp in a day, or simply the maximum engorgement attained?

For example, If I hit +.5 inches engorgement (the best I can do right now) while clamping, is that enough for a day? Or should I hit that level of engorgement and keep piling on set after set?

Thanks Big Girtha for all the info in this thread, I think the most amazing part of this community is that there are people who take so much time out of their day to give knowledge and guidance to faceless strangers from around the world. It’s much appreciated.

Big gains to all in 2006!

Originally Posted by Big Girtha
Sorry, ran out of edit time:

Here is the reason for the 20-10 rule:
We know, according to Gray’s Anatomy and other sources that tissue death sets in around 23 minutes. Bib set the 20 minute hang set with a three minute safety margin to boot.

Clamping, however, is more intense than hanging or pumping. Bib knew this even three years ago when he set the ten minute rule for ULI’s or Extreme Ulis, he called them. We now call it clamping, but it is the same thing. We are completely, or damned near completely, cutting all circulation to the glands. Technically the oxygen starved cells could probably survive the full 23 minutes, I think Even Thunder said in Aristo’s thread we could probably get by with 20 minute clamp sets. I’m sure every dick is different, but for me that is too long. For Bib, that was too long. I think cutting the set at 10 minutes is good. After about 12 minutes we, our I should say I, reach a point of diminishing returns. But regardless if you clamp 10-15 or 20 minute sets, take enough time between the sets to completely revive the tissue with fresh blood or you are going to injure yourself.

So if somebody did clamp for 30 minutes, would thier penis get smaller? Just curious because about a year ago I did a set of clamps, 2 sets for 10 minutes each. Afterwards I put the clamp around my entire package, not tight at all, kind of like a girth wrap. I was laying down on the bed and I fell asleep. I think I slept for 40 minutes or so. Woke up and my penis had its natural color but it was cold. I didn’t notice anything different, except that I could swear I had .25” more girth before this happened. I didn’t keep a log book or anything so I cant know for sure.

I’m curious to know if anyone has in fact lost girth from something like this, and if there is any medical knowledge behind it.

I seriously doubt you lost girth from this one incident. If you did damage to yourself, it would be noticed as pain, discoloration, problems with erections, etc. If you didn’t have any of these symptoms, then you didn’t do any significant damage.

Horny Bastard

Can someone tell me their method for avoiding red spots while clamping?

I don’t seem to be able to do it and it’s screwing up my whole routine. I get too many red spots so then I take time off to let them go away, so I can’t get too many clamping days in a row without breaks in between.

I’ve tried warming up first but it doesn’t seem to help too much.

What does everyone else do?


Red spots are a sign of a good workout. Don’t worry about them. Only worry if they turn real dark and are big.

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Hello to all my PE brothers!! Yes, I’m new here. But I’ve been doing PE’ing for over 3 years now.. Both correct! And sadly in-correct [which I have paid the price for - believe me.]
Now I haven’t looked into what name everyone gives to each workout or technique, but I just wanna get something straight here.. By ‘clamping’ you guys mean to tense the PC muscle don’t you? Or kegel, am I correct?

If this is the case, I’ve been doing 30 minute sets everyday for about 1 year now.. And within this year I’ve seen a gain of 0.25 inches in length only. But now I’m thinking of dropping the sets down to 10 minutes each here.. Has anyone dropped from a longer amount of time down to 10 minutes and seen any positive effects? Or has doing less just worked out negative for you?

Originally Posted by Mick
Can someone tell me their method for avoiding red spots while clamping?

I don’t seem to be able to do it and it’s screwing up my whole routine. I get too many red spots so then I take time off to let them go away, so I can’t get too many clamping days in a row without breaks in between.

I’ve tried warming up first but it doesn’t seem to help too much.

What does everyone else do?


Mick, I wish I knew the answer. My red spots have turned into big red blotches, even after relatively moderate clamping. I don’t know why it has gotten worse. I have used heat, cold, a vibrating massager, etc, but the discoloration after a workout lasts about 2 days. My wife finally noticed the other day. (I told her I hurt myself biking). Anyway, My concern is permanent discoloration, so I might just quit clamping. If you just get a few spots however, it is normal and no big deal.

Horny Bastard

Marco 187, this thread is about literally placing a clamp at the base of your dick to constrict it. Your question would have been answered by reading the first post of this thread. You need to spend a little time exploring this web site and learning the lingo etc. We all want to be helpful, but sometimes the obvious questions can’t be answered thousands of times.

Horny Bastard

I tried using some soft shirt fabric as a wrap (used to use the Ace bandage wrapped around like 3 times), and I still can’t stay hard for more than 15 seconds or so. I’m using two clamps clamped down as far as they can go so that no blood could possibly escape. But after like a minute, my wang is still at a very large girth (for me), but it’s very squishy. It’s like a magic trick or something. How can I clamp two clamps down till I’m afraid my tunica is going to crack, then still have blood drain out so quickly? And how can I be so far past my normal girth while in the clamps, and have it still be so spongy? [Like if you blow up a balloon it keeps getting harder and harder to squeeze. So my being past max erect girth and still so sqeezable is beyond me.]

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Thanks mravg. It’s time to get reading!

Marco, you are welcome.

Dmitri, I think your extra girth is mainly from lymph fluid build up under the skin. Big Girtha says this expanded state is beneficial for growth, even if you lose your hardness. (I’m still not so sure about that).

Using porn, masturbating, and edging are good ways to stay hard while in the clamp.

Horny Bastard

New Clamp in the Making

To the last PMer. I meant to get back to you on the red spot sooner. I’ve had a couple of crazy women on my hands here lately. I get these from time to time, the spots not the women. They’ve never been a problem. I think they are just little blood blisters from ruptured capillaries. They usually heal up pretty quick on their own. But you should try the EVO and lay off a day or two if they get bad enough to bother you.

No. When I clamp I don’t do much of anything awhile in the clamp. I get too sore for any of that kind of punishment. The all day clamping is hard enough without doing of the bends and blasters and stuff. I do quiet a bit of dry jelqing and stretches between sets mostly just to restore circulation, and stretching is hard after a few sets, because a fat dick is harder to stretch, but I do it anyway to prevent turtling. Sometimes if my hand just gives out I’ll slap on the AE for about ten minutes or Fowfer then clamp another set. But otherwise that’s about it.

However, here lately I’ve been putting everything into testing a couple of new devices that will be on the market soon, one of which will hopefully get these women off my back about CableClamps. I’ll probably be posting on the new clamp alternative in the next few days. It is either this or move out of Texas.

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Whats up clampers? Quick question for my brethen. Since you started clamping, have your cum time gone down? Since I started which was approximately 2 months ago (after reading that one guys post 7X7 damn!), I can no longer last more than 5 minutes with my partner. I mean wow i feel every single point on my shaft and that just makes me loose it. anyone else experience this?

I have noticed I can cum a lot quicker, but it has not been a problem.

Start date 12-10-05 Old: NBPEL - 4.5" BPEL - 5.75" EG - 4.625" Current: NBPEL - 5" BPEL - 6.25" EG - 5.1" Goal: NBPEL - 7.5" BPEL - 8.25 EG - 6.00" - I want a big floppy donkey dick!

So far I’ve been clamping a couple weeks and I have noticed definite gains with my flacid state, and some gains in my erect state. I’m doing 2 x 10 minutes now, up from 3 x 5. I wasn’t going to start but I started off slow and now it’s conditioned. But I’m using cut up socks and those suck for 2 weeks I’m going to move up to 3 x 10.

Anyways.what were your guy’s gains? Like how much per month, or overall over a few months, 6 months, whatever?

My penis is already alllll veiny. Very visible. I love it.I never understood why some people don’t like them. If PE only worked for veins I would still do it.

Anyways.I’m gonna try to get an ace bandage. I tried to use a piece of mouse pad but it was to thick and didn’t hold the pressure.


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