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Bib's LOT Theory

Base, I was counting clockwise, not counter-clockwise. 12, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 then 6, like a clock. From just under straight out (4 o’clock), to all the way straight down (6 o’clock), I have no pullback. Counter clockwise would be 8 to 6. I have no pullback whatsoever in that range. Should I pull down, up or what? With this new girth I’m getting from the cable clamps, I need a little more length. 8x7 looks short.



So you are saying you lose tugback at 8:00. This is the angle at which your ligs take the stress of the kegal away from the outer tunica. It means you should have potential to gain from lig stretch. Therefore, work the lower angles, preferably BTC if you can manually stretch down that far.


Thanks Bib. I have always been a very slow gainer in length anyway.


hi I’m new to PE,

Is there any relation between erection angle and LOT?
When i have an erection it points at the sky, but then it also seems that I have a LOT 7, so does this still mean that there is nothing for me to gain through the ligs? I’m below 5 at the moment, so I really do need to make some gains, can you please suggest what I should do?



Nice handle being from Sydney!!

If your LOT is at 7 then stretch/hang at the upper angles. OTS (Over the shoulder) or straight up towards you stomach is ideal.SO (straight out) is also satisfactory.

Thanx Andrew69!!!

haha my handle maybe Centerpoint, but my member sure as hell doesn’t justify the handle. Thanks for the advice, guess I’ll be hanging in the up direction. I noticed that you started off around the same dimensions as me, if you don’t mind me asking did you begin with a high LOT or were you blessed just like me with a farrkin low LOT? I also noticed that you’ve made impressive gains in a relatively short period of time, I would give an arm and a leg to get gains like you. Do you mind sharing with me your routine and methods? I no longer can bear being a 5 incher, any help will be appreciated.

they say black peoples penises are lower then whites and asians are the most high. May this have something to do with this theory and maybe they have less potentialfor gains and asians have the most on average?

Newbie here but lurked long enough to be interested in this thread.

I have a LOT of 9

What would be helpful, is if “we” could work out a percentage of ligament and therefore length gain, based on one’s LOT to the point where you became LOT 6 through ligament stretching.

The LOT theory seems to be behind the length gains in the ligament cutting operation that claims length increases (but cant pre-determin them prior to the op.) This would make sense that some people achieve no length gains (they may naturaly have a LOT of say 6).

Thanks for reading.

Originally Posted by bombazine
Newbie here but lurked long enough to be interested in this thread.

I have a LOT of 9

What would be helpful, is if “we” could work out a percentage of ligament and therefore length gain, based on one’s LOT to the point where you became LOT 6 through ligament stretching.

Thanks for reading.

Welcome to Thunder’s and one of the longest threads on the website!

As for the LOT->length gain, I know I have posted this somewhere (?) else but for me I got about a 1 inch increase for a 50 increase in LOT. 6-9 LOT = 1 inch. Therefore 9-12 LOT = 1 inch in which case I will plummet my LOT back into the basement for another 2”.

Unfortunately I have not had a big gain in a couple months - darn injuries. I have been sitting at a 9 for a while but as it goes up I will keep a log of it.

-Tom “LOT BOT” Foolery

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Tell me guys if i understand these right.

if you have a low LOT it means that you have strong or tight ligs which means you have no more potential for ligs gains so you should focused more on stretching your tunica.So these means that you stretch from 9 o’clock and above.

What more stretching exercises (manually) can especifically target tunica alone?

I jst sign up here, so i’m new. I never had paid much attention to this LOT thing, but it maid me curious since I have an erection angle of around 10 to 11 and i can feel my ligs to be really tight and strong. Basically when i’m doing pc flexes the pressure i feel is mostly on my ligs, so it makes even more stronger or tighter, does these means i have can have no more gains on my ligs!?? That S*U*KS!!!

Hey Bib, some insight…

Hi milkshake,

Yeah, you got it right. Basically any stretches above 9:00 are said to hit the tunica. Not everyone buys into the LOT theory though so don’t give up entirely on your ligs. Try doing lig work for awhile and see if it results in any gains for you. If so, keep it up until they stop.

BTW, Bib has left the building and won’t be answering questions here anymore. I hope I was able to help though.

I see..

Thanks Stevie, I’ll keep it up!

My LOT seems to be around 7:30, I have a maybe :10 level of erection though with a strong upwards curve.
I desperately want to gain some length as I’ve gained none after over a year of PE :(
I realise this may be an answer-less question but to the experienced guys:

"How much growth potential in terms of length can someone HOPE to gain on average just from TUNICA lengthening alone?”

I discovered my LOT is 7 :(

From now I’ll do stretch SO, OTS and “Inverted V-Stretch”.. And I will jelq the tunica..
That’s right? Any other suggestions? ^_^’

Hi Bib,

I have been reading up on your LOT theory for a few days now. I’m sure I’ll need a few more before I can absorb it all. One question has come up however, and forgive me if it has been asked before:

Would strong PC muscles affect the LOT? It seems that if someone had very strong PCs, when they performed a Kegel at 6:00, they might feel it simply because their muscles are able to pull the ligs at any angle. What do you think?



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